May we know what UNICEF says about child marriage
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May we know what UNICEF says about child marriage

Child Marriage whether to stop or continued?


We often forget to apply our common sense and logic in our daily lives. When a mother gives birth to a girl child, her primary concern revolves around her daughter’s marriage. Parents save money from the beginning for their daughters’ marriage and often fall prey to the social sin called Dowry. Most marriages are settled on the basis of how much dowry she will be able to bring with her from her parents. In rural areas parents often decide child marriage and one of the major reasons is if the girl is hardly ten or twelve years old, the dowry would also be negligible for her than a grown up girl. Parents who should have been more careful about the future of their daughters never think twice before fixing the wedding.

We have a law against child marriage which depicts it as a punishable offense. Marriage before eighteen years is a morbid practice which sometimes creates health hazards for the little bride. A girl is not physical developed until she crosses the landmark of eighteen years. Anyone who is around ten is vulnerable and forcing her physically is nothing but a crime. It is impediment to the growth of society.

According to UNICEF, few states where child marriage is still prevailing are Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and evidently crime related to marriage is high in those states. Disparities are found in towns and rural sectors and child marriage rate are higher in rural areas than urban life.

The following reasons are considered as the root of this social crime.

Less Education: It is a known fact that girls should get an equal opportunity to make their future. In villages it is still a dream for some girls who want to join school but are not allowed sometimes due to poor financial condition or just because their parents are not interested in their studies. If you send your girls to school their mind would be broader, their action would be more skillful which may bring some effective changes in our society. Unfortunately people in our country do not realize it. Many eminent women, in our society, who have attained highest degree of education, are holding top position in their respective organizations.

Gender biased society: Still in our country many, parents consider girls as a burden and their happiness know no bound when they give birth to a baby boy. When a girl suffers discrimination since her birth, she has to comprise her life in many ways. This biasness towards women is everywhere from home to workplace. This is the reason why women still lag behind men in their careers. In villages it is pretty commonly seen in our societies where parents give first priority to their daughter’s marriage rather than her education. Ultimately they settle for early marriage and leave their daughter to suffer for rest of her life.

Childhood flies in no time so it is our responsibility to shape up their lives in a way so that they can live independently. Now the time has changed. Women are getting equal rights like men in every step of their lives. In times of need they are equal partners to the family.



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