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Medical Tourism in South Africa is still Healthy

Medical Tourism in India is growing very fast day by day. There are many medical tourism hospitals in India which provides best facilities and the treatments for the people with low price.

A new research has found that South Africa is among the least attractive destinations for foreigners seeking medical treatment.

Medical Tourism Association of South Africa has rejected the finding on the grounds that only US citizens, for whom South Africa is a long-haul destination, were campaigned.

Canada, the UK, Israel, Singapore and Costa Rica were ranked as the most attractive destination for medical tourists.

The International Healthcare Research Centre considered the attractiveness of each country for medical tourists by measuring 5000 US defendants on the destination country's environment, its medical tourism industry, and the medical facilities and services.

Growth of medical tourism in South Africa

Medical Tourism Guide, declared at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress this week, ranked South Africa 23rd among 25 countries.

South Africa scored 57% for its environment, 64% for its medical tourism industry, and 63.9% for its facilities and services.

Lorraine Melvill, the owner of the business Surgeon and Safari, and a co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association, stated that South Africa was the Centre of medical excellence in sub-Saharan Africa and was known worldwide for the quality of its private healthcare.

If foreigners are looking for reduced replacements they will go to India. If they are looking for easy access they will go to Croatia or the Caribbean. South Africa for Americans is a long drag and not useful.

Melvill stated that medical tourism industry was growing in South Africa.

The South Africa Migration Project stated that, last year South Africa was gradually favored by Africa's elite and middle classes for quality private care for road accident victims, heart surgery and cancer treatment.

According to Medi clinic, the world's sixth-biggest hospital group, the number of medical tourists to South Africa has more than doubled in six years. It states on its website that, of the 9.2million tourists visiting this country each year, more than 500000 do so for medical reasons.

Melvill said South Africa was particularly popular with British and German medical tourists.



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