Mouth Cancer can be dangerous

Mouth Cancer can be dangerous

Cancer- It is causes damage to the cells these diseases affects the cell growth in the body, and forms a Lump or Blood clot or masses of tissue called Tumor, it decreases the capacity of body to make new blood vessels. It also divides the efficiency to grow new cells, these disease damage the DNA due to which if the body makes new cell it also get damaged by infected DNA. Cancer can be transfer genetically also trough parent to kids, more then 100 types of cancer are there, cancer can be spreads from one part of the body to another part easily.

Frequently Diagnoses cancers are:

· Bladder cancer
· Brest cancer
· Colon cancer
· Endometrial cancer
· Kidney cancer
· Leukemia
· Lung cancer
· Melanoma
· Non- Hodgkin lymphoma
· Pancreatic cancer
· Prostate cancer
· Thyroid cancer

Mouth Cancer-In 2016, 6700 cases have been diagnosed in United Kingdom, and about 1800 people are dying due to mouth cancer in U.K every year, people can easily get infected by Mouth cancer, it can causes effect to Mouth, Lips or Tongue, it is caused by Alcohol and Tobacco-Cigar, pipe or cigarette smoking, chewing of guthka, tobacco, betel or paan or by drinking alcohol in extensive quantity so the people who are habitual to all of the above things has to be more careful. It is said by B.C. Cancer Agency that risk of having mouth cancer increase with the age.

Symptom’s of Mouth Cancer:

Leukoplakia-White patches will be seen anywhere in the mouth.
Erythroplakia-Red patches will be seen anywhere in the mouth.
Insensibility or bleeding will occur in mouth.
Painful chewing or Swallowing.
Stiffness in the jaws or pain in the jaw.
Loss of tooth.
Change in you voice.


Wounds or ulcer in mouth.Cures for mouth cancer:

Have regular dental checkup.
If you are habitual of using tobacco you should stop using it.
Consume the food which is rich n Vitamin A, C, and E.
Try to quit your drinking habit.
Brush Teethes regularly.
Decrease the exposure of sun.

Top 5 Cancer Hospitals:

1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

2. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

3. PD Hinduja National Hospital Mumbai

4. Apollo cancer hospital Chennai

5. Amala Cancer Centre, Thrissur


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