Mumps is not just for kids anymore
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Mumps is not just for kids anymore

“Mumps is not just for kids anymore.”

Mumps is still common in whole world. Recently it is founded that 481 cases have been reported in central Ohio, with more than half of cases is from Ohio State University. The state’s outbreak now exceeds the total number of cases reported across the United States in 2016, according to the Columbus City Health Department.

Mumps is a viral disease caused by virus “paramyxovirus”. And it affects the parotid glands. Parotid glands are one of three pairs of saliva-producing (salivary) glands; these glands are present below and in front of your ears. Mumps patients have swelling in one or both parotid glands.


Common Symptoms:

· Swollen, painful salivary glands on one or both sides of your face (parotitis)

· Fever

· Headache

· Weakness and fatigue

· Loss of appetite

· Ear Pain while chewing or swallowing

· sour taste in the mouth

· dry mouth

Rare symptoms:

· neurological damage,

· hearing loss,

· pancreatitis


· Complications like meningitis and painful swelling of the testicles (orchitis) or ovaries (oophoritis).

· Affects Pancreas and then whose is known as pancreatitis, include pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting.

· Affects Brain: cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Encephalitis can lead to neurological problems and become life-threatening.

· Membranes and fluid around the brain and spinal cord: This condition, known as meningitis, can occur if the mumps virus spreads through your bloodstream to infect your central nervous system.

· Miscarriage: Mumps in pregnancy can be dangerous, with an increased risk of miscarriage in the first 12-16 weeks.


· Mumps is spread through an airborne virus

· It is transmitted from an infected person to healthy persons through coughing or sneezing and releasing tiny droplets of contaminated saliva, which can then be breathed in by healthy person

· This virus is transferred from an infected person when touching their nose or mouth, then transferring the virus onto an object, such as a door handle, or work surface; if someone else then touches the object shortly afterwards, they can transfer the virus into their respiratory tract

· It is communicated by sharing utensils, such as cups, cutlery or plates with an infected person

Diagnosis of mumps

· Swollen glands can be diagnosed by doctors only.

· It is confirmed by  Blood, urine or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tests


Mumps is only and only prevented with the help of vaccination. There is no specific treatment.

· Pain in Mumps can’t be reducing by Painkiller. A cold compress such as a moist flannel relieves some of the pain from the swollen glands.

· Resting and drinking plenty of fluids, as well as having food such as


Mumps is communication disease so it is prevented by making distance with infected persons.

Do's and Don'ts

ü Rest in bed until the fever goes away.

ü Isolate yourself or your child to prevent spreading the disease to others. Someone with mumps is most contagious within the first five days after the onset of signs and symptoms.

ü Use a warm or cold compress to ease the pain of swollen glands.

ü Wear an athletic supporter and use cold compresses to ease the pain of tender testicles.

* Avoid foods that require lots of chewing. Instead, try broth-based soups or soft foods, such as mashed potatoes or cooked oatmeal, for nourishment.

* Avoid sour foods, such as citrus fruits or juices, which stimulate saliva production.

ü Drink plenty of fluids.

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