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Nestle India can Export Maggi says Bombay High Court

To the relief of recently in trouble Nestle India, Bombay High Court has allowed the company on Tuesday to export Maggi Noodles. The company, Nestle India approached the Bombay High Court soon after the ban on Maggi noodles by the government as per reports according to which, unhealthy and hazardous substances like lead and monosodium glutamate also referred to as MSG.

The counsel of Nestle India communicated with the Bombay High Court and informed them that the company has already recalled 11 000 crore packets of Maggi and above all that approximately 1 700 crore packets of magi have been destroyed as soon as the ban was imposed.

During the session of court, in the hearing the government lawyer questioned the multinational company that why were the packets of Maggi destroyed when they considered the product safe for export, the court said that nestle India has the freedom to export the noodles.

The multinational company moved the Bombay High Court questioning the ban which was imposed by 5th June 2016 by FSSAI also known as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India by imposing the ban of nine more variants of the famous instant snack.

It had also challenged a similar order by the government of Maharashtra which prohibited the sale of same products on the basis that those respective products were unsafe and very harmful for human consumption and may affect our health.

The superior bench after hearing the case stated that the authorities are in charge to prosecute the multinational company in case if any procedural lapses are witnessed or if the authorities are not satisfied with the answer of Nestle India to Indian authorities.

Nestle India stated that the vigorous orders from the court and authorities have asked company to put a bar on the production, processing, distribution, import and of course the sale of their products. Nestle also sought to keep aside the order of the Commissioner of Maharashtra for Food Safety of putting a bar on the sale and production of “maggi” in the state.

The multinational company also stated that the vigorous orders fail to compliment the mandatory provisions of sector 34 of Food Safety and Standards Authority Act which is in charge for dealing with Emergency prohibition orders and notices. The company also stated that the impugned orders were passed without following the mentioned process of law and significant authority.

The company has also stated that these respective orders were illegal, ambiguous and have violated the rules of natural justice along with the Constitution of India.



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