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Parents need to know about Enterovirus D68

The virus, enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, was first discovered in 1962 in California. It is a fast-spreading virus linked to hand, foot, and mouth disease is hospitalizing kids across the Midwest and parts of the South.

This is the first time it’s caused such extensive depression, and it seems to be mainly hard on the lungs. So, Parents should be aware of this respiratory illness by consulting to pediatrician and infectious disease specialist.

Symptoms of D68 Infections:

· Normally most of the viral infections start with fever, cough and running nose.

· But D68 infections have cough and trouble breathing, sometimes with wheezing.

· People with D68 infection just acts like they are suffering from asthma.

· Spreading of this virus is more when the children go back to school after their summer vacation.

· Typical Enterovirus season runs from almost July to October.

Children who are at greatest risk:

Latest studies have been seen in children of age between 6 months to 16 years, with most balanced around ages between 4 and 5 years.

One of the doctors says, Primary care providers are in touch with their patients with asthma, so that those have an active asthma plan and know what to do if they get into trouble with this D68 Virus.

Treatment for D68 Infection:

As this infection is caused by the virus, and not by the bacteria, the antibiotics did not help for this infection. Doctor says, there are no vaccine for this infection and no antiviral medication to treat this infection.

The children who are suffering from this infection are treated with supportive care. The main thing is giving extra oxygen to the children who need it, Doctor says. Children may also get medications, such as albuterol, which help to lower and open the air paths of the lungs.

The children, those who are with the most critical cases, they have needed ventilators to help them breathe.

Need of medical attention for kids suffering from D68 Infection:

· Kids who are infected with D68 infections will have a milder course of disease that just needs lots of rest and plenty of liquids like juices and water.

· Doctors needed, If there’s any rapid breathing, and that means breathing more than once per second consistently over the span of an hour.

· Labored breathing, means kids are using smaller muscles around the chest wall to help move air in and out of their lungs.

· Doctor says, if people see the skin pulling in between the ribs or above the collarbone, or if there’s any wheezing, those are clear signs that a child needs to be evaluated.

Ways of getting D68 Infection in children:

· It is tough virus found in saliva, nasal mucus, or sputum.

· Touching a contaminated surface and then rubbing your nose or eyes is the usual by which someone catches this infection.

· One can also get it from close person-to-person contact.

Precautions to be taken:

· Protect yourself with good hand-washing habits.

· Kids need to cover their mouth with a tissue when they cough. If no tissue is handy, teach them to cough into the crook of their elbow or upper sleeve instead of their hand.

· Common disinfectants and detergents will kill enteroviruses.

· Clean frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and toys according to manufacturers’ directions.

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