Reasons to live healthy and does not effect the increase in Weight!!!!
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Reasons to live healthy and does not effect the increase in Weight!!!!

Reasons to live healthy and does not effect the increase in Weight!!!!

When it comes to the diet and the nutrition the narrative these days seems to concentrate on the obesity epidemic and weight loss.

With so much emphasis on losing the weight and fat the other benefits of a nutritious diet sometimes take a back seat

Below mentioned are few reasons eating healthy is good for your mind, body and life.

Increase the work productivity

There have been many studies on the workplace productivity and many have also shown that the healthiest workers are the most productive workers.

One of the largest studies was done in 2016 by the researchers at the brightman young university who studied more than 19,800 workers at the three large companies.

Improve the mood

A number of compounds found naturally in foods have been shown to positively effect mood.

One of the most famous example is dark chocolate  with its naturally occurring cocoa polyphenols. Of course chocolate can be highly caloric and lead to weight gain if you have too much.

The good news is that polyphenols are found naturally in number of other foods that is found in grocery store.

Stress will ruin a good mood quicker than almost anything. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress and chronic stress can lead to muscle breakdown and fat again.

Recent studies also found that Vitamin C and magnesium can help to regulate the cortisol level while omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the effect of stress on the brain. To keep stress levels low and get your daily omega-3s, magnesium and vitamin C naturally, eat foods such as fish, nuts and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Improve the heart health

Heart disease is the nation leading killer hence it is important to take the steps to protect the most important muscle.

More recent research by Harvard Scientist points to the consumption of processed red meat being a bigger indicator of heart disease down the road. Processed meats include cured meats, such as ham and bacon dried or ground meat and sausages, including salami and other lunch varieties. Eat these foods sparingly, and while you’re at it, pick up some almonds, which have been linked to a reduction in heart disease.

Protect against disease

Heart disease is not only illness associated with the unhealthy choices it is just the most talked about. For women especially a diet rich in calcium helps protect against the osteoporosis a disease in which he body's bones become brittle as we age.

Dairy is a plentiful source of calcium, but for those who are lactose intolerant there are plenty of vegetables full of calcium, such as dark, leafy greens, white beans and soybeans. Vitamins C, D and B-12 are thought to protect against cancer, as are chlorophyll and carotenoids — all of which are easily consumed in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Fuel the workouts

Good workouts depend on the good nutrition and this is especially true for longer bouts of activity.

A balanced diet high in micro and macronutrients is best for anyone who exercises regularly especially runners.

This means plenty of fiber rich whole grain that fuels your cardio so that your body doesn’t break down the muscle for fuel instead.

To get the most for your calories, choose whole-grain, brown carbs, such as brown rice and wheat Related, that offer plenty of vitamins and minerals per serving, plus slow-digesting fiber that most people just don’t get enough of.

Help you age better

Visible aging is all about the skin health but healthy skin does not begin and end with sun protection.

Polyphenols, antioxidants and omega -3 fatty acids all mentioned above also protect the skin against the premature aging.

And don’t forget about lycopene found mainly in tomatoes, which has many bodily benefits including the protection against the skin damaging ultraviolet rays.

Lengthen your life

Aside from preventing the disease a healthy diet rich in natural unprocessed food can help to lengthen the life.

Plant based and Mediterranean diets both rich in naturally occurring micronutrients and devois of processed foods have been found to have a positive effect on life expectancy.

This comes from a number of research studies, and is independent of any single disease that could shorten the lifespan. So even if you’re not worried about illness, obesity or aging gracefully, the benefits of eating right are still worth taking advantage of for a long and happy life.

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