Shall we talk about child mortality in the perspective of hygiene point of view ?
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Shall we talk about child mortality in the perspective of hygiene point of view ?

How to fight with child mortality


Child mortality is an alarming concern for our health department though the rate has decreased in last few years. As reported, nearly 1.5 million children die every year before they celebrate their fifth birthday. UNICEF identified the following diseases that hit the children and because of their poor immunity, they cannot withstand them.

· Chronic Chest Infection

· Malaria

· Measles

· Diarrhea

· Typhoid

· Viral Fever

· Malnutrition



Child living in slums are the worst affected by abovementioned disease. Poverty stricken children suffer from malnutrition since their birth. Poor sanitary habit leads to many diseases. With no access to a latrine, they go to open fields / water bodies to address to the nature’s call or to say “serve their purpose”. They are also found to either share common toilets for many & uncountable by a queuing system (as was shown to popular Hindi film “Slum Dog”. Common toilets generate urinal infection especially among girls. Flies carry the germs as they come in contact with the human excreta. Now our Government has announced a mission to build up toilets to improve the general quality of life in rural sector by promoting awareness about hygiene and health education. When it comes to menstruation many girls are not even taught healthy habits by their elders. They are still following the primitive method of using cloth and reuse it and unstoppably in an unhygienic way. Unfortunately they are still in dark because of their illiteracy. Though sanitary napkins are in abundance in market, they do not even know how to use it. Many times NGOs provide them free sample to change their habit but due to their unstable financial condition they cannot afford it. We expect a substantial change in rural sector, which will eventually help to reduce child mortality rate. Moreover, many NGOs are doing brilliant jobs for the children (of both genders).

A Child’s health primarily depends on the mother’s health. Nutrition intake of the mother during her pregnancy and her overall health get reflected in her child. Many children are born with a chronic pandemic disease called HIV which can easily be transmitted through blood transfusion, sexual contact with the victim and contaminated needles. Basic free health care facility should be provided to the poor by organizing medical checkup camps at a monthly interval. A healthy atmosphere is always needed for the natural growth of any child.

Another commonly faced disease in slum is malaria as they do not use any bed-net. In some localities drains are mostly uncovered and water is held in storage which ultimately turns into the “breeding paradise” of harmful mosquitoes. Being ignorant, poor parents do not understand the emergency of the disease. They neither consult any doctor nor take any precaution. Once someone gets affected with malaria and if they do not take any preventive measure, the germ will be spread in the same locality in no time.

Our nation still lags behind in health sector but nearly all diseases can be checked if we become little more conscious about our children. A child needs a healthy atmosphere to grow up.  Now with the availability of some lifesaving vaccines and antibiotics, child mortality rates, due to these types of diseases, has been reduced to a significant number. India has successfully controlled over polio and tuberculosis. This was possible because of the mass awareness campaign that helped to eradicate such deadly diseases from our society and the International bodies like UNICEF & WHO (World Health Organizations).



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Hello, Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoea,This disease is caused in the genitourinary tracts, for more details plz visit good gynec in Mon, find list of Gynecologist in Mon
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