The Ban on Chinese Milk Products is Likely to get Extended
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The Ban on Chinese Milk Products is Likely to get Extended

Recommendations from the Country’s food safety and standards regulator are keen on extending the ban on import of milk and other products from the same. The other similar products include chocolates, candies and other confectionery items which are likely to remain banned in India until June next year. The respective department has also recorded samples and tests of various food products, which are brought in India via imports. These imports should be taken very seriously and the country’s economic situations and considerations cannot have its influence on the safety of the food.

The ban was first introduced by the Director General of the Foreign Trade also referred as DGFT. It was ordered September 2016 for only three months as measure so that other related departments can verify the quality of milk products imported in India. The ban apparently did not last for just three months.

Melamine contamination were detected and the milk products from China were banned by DGFT in 2016. Melamine is a material which is used for making plastics and fertilizers.

Food safety watchdog FSSAI is also in favor of extending the respective ban on the import of various milk and milk products, which also includes chocolates and other similar products for at least a year and the proposed date for the last day of ban, is 23rd June, 2016. A committee was made to look into the matter on Monday, who also came up with a similar decision and decided that the ban needs to continue unless and until we have strong visible evidence or a prominent presentation from China which states that the milk is safe for consumption or free from any kind of contamination.

Yudhvir Singh Malik, chief executive officer from FSSAI observed after few minutes of meeting that the decisions regarding the import of milk products cannot be influenced by any economic considerations or variables as the safety of food is very much important as it can have an major affect on the population of India, especially those who are consuming such products.

A known food safety incident from China was exposed according to which approximately six children died and other reports included urine and kidney tract effects. Kidney stones were also reported that had an effect on approximately 300,00 infants and young children from China. Melamine is purposely added in the milk to boost the rate of protein present in milk and it also dilutes the raw milk. Many products which were detected with adulteration of Melamine were exported to many parts of the world.

According to the meeting that happened on last Monday, a representative from NDDB also known as National Dairy Development Board, Anand stated that credible information is required from China if they want the ban to get removed. The respective ban is not to be revoked until substantial information is provided which proves that these products are safe for human consumption.


It was reported by Minister of External Affairs and several other commerce ministers that China has still not approached with any presentation that grantees the safety of the citizens of the country.

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