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Universal Vaccine for Flu will Soon Become Reality

A major step has been taken forward in the case of a single flu vaccine that can be effective against a very broad range of viruses related to flu. A new strategy has been discovered by the researchers to improve the quality of already existing medicines and vaccines for this ever mutating virus.

It is also possible to harness an unknown mechanism within the immune system which will in turn create more effective as well as efficient vaccine for the virus, which will in the end result as a vaccine that can provide lifelong immunity against infections like flu, according to the results.

The vaccines for flu available these can only be given once in a year. Also there is no assurance that strains against which they will protect are the ones spreading and circulating as soon as the season arrives.

Senior Study author Jeffery Ravetch who is a professor at the Rockefeller University in the United States stated that as the regular, conventionally sold flu vaccine protects only against certain strains, generally three of them, after including modified antibodies within the vaccine, it is possible to generate a broad range of protection against various strains simultaneously.

He further added that you can believe that these results indicate a preliminary step for a universal flu medication, one that can cater a very broad range of flu related viruses.

A new strategy has been developed, which revolves around various antibodies, and immune proteins that are more centered on specific foreign proteins, also known as antigens.

One of the two ends of the antibody clings on to the antigen, while the other end, which is called FC region, grips the immune cells, which also includes B cells, which function to produce antibodies.

Alterations in this particular region can also be used to support the immune response, precisely the production of more potent antibodies for protection against the flu virus.

The researchers have also found that a sialylated antibody, which means sialic acid, a prominent indication molecule, has the potential to improve the response of the person against the vaccine.


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