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Weight Management through Acupuncture

Successful long term weight loss is incredible difficult for most of the people to achieve. Many people have tried diets that may cause some weight loss and then they gain back the weight they lost plus some additional pounds.

This is why more and more, people are turning to acupuncture weight loss treatments to try to handle their weight problem once and for all.

Acupuncture is the practice that is more than 5,000 years old, significantly older than western medicinal therapies and practices.

Acupuncture weight loss treatment involves what most people think of when they think about acupuncture.

Acupuncture stimulates the body to release the endorphins and then the body feels good.

It may be that one way acupuncture weight loss treatments help control appetite is by releasing endorphins.

In case of the overweight patients the acupuncture specialist will first ask a variety of questions and perform examinations.

The purpose is to understand the main causes of the person's excess weight.

Attentions should also be paid to diet and exercise. The acupuncture specialist may provide the patient with certain guidelines as to what to avoid eating in order to promote the regular flow of energy throughout the body as well.

Acupuncture works in several ways that will help to lose weight. It helps to boost the metabolism and increase the circulation in the body. The specific needle placements ate thought to lower the insulin and the lipid levels in the blood.

The application of acupuncture needles helps mobilize the body’s energy reserves which lead to weight loss and lowered cholesterol. Acupuncture may also help reduce craving for certain foods and encourage a decrease in the natural appetite.

In case of overweight people an acupuncture specialist will begin with a physical and psychological examinations in order to understand the reasons for the patients weight problem-hormonal psychological or physiological.

Then on the basis of the patient's constitution, needles are inserted in specific areas (Stomach and spleen govern obesity).

Acupuncture treatment by itself is not likely to be enough to result in permanent weight loss. It is very important to supplement acupuncture with the proper diet and the exercise.

The acupuncturist will test you what to avoid eating."Eat small meals and warm cooked food. Avoid or reduce the consumption of cold beverages, frozen and iced food, fried fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine and simple sugars.

Acupuncture can increase the metabolism and reduce the appetite but it’s no magic wand.

It works in conjunction with the other factors.

If these criteria are met then you should start losing up to 2.5 kg  a month within three months of starting the treatment.

The average treatment session last about 20-30  minutes and ideally you should have one session a week.

Guidance for Using the Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Choose the qualified practitioner

Most states require that acupuncturists be licensed to assure that they have completed the necessary education and training standards to practice.

You will see licensed acupuncturist following the name.

Acupuncturists may also be medical doctors or other medical professional who have completed a postgraduate program of study.

Complete a full course of treatment

Acupuncture for weight loss is best achieved with 10 treatments that delivered over a few weeks.

Follow a comprehensive weight loss plan-Acupuncture should be used alongside a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Don’t confuse the treatments

Although ear stapling is loosely based on the concept of acupuncture it is imprecise method that uses the surgical staples that penetrate the cartilage of the ear, which is known to promote the infection.


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For weight losse we have to follow a proccess not only exerise will helps you but your diet routine also impact on it

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