WHO Asks For Enhanced Efforts for Controlling Malaria
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WHO Asks For Enhanced Efforts for Controlling Malaria

On Wednesday, The World Health Organization asked for enhanced efforts for controlling malaria and eliminating the same by killing parasites that cause malaria. These were at one point of time believed to be less dangerous but can cause high burden of severe diseases.

Till date there around more than 3.2 billion people who are still living in areas where the risk of being infected by malaria is quite high. Hence it is important and necessary to alert on this respective global agenda to reach a goal of minimum 90 percent decrease in the deaths and completely curing it in around thirty five countries by the end of 2030.

Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh who is a regional director, explained in a meeting which was centered on global malaria issues that “Our efforts so far focused on the most deadly P falciparum malaria. We need to now broaden our strategy to include targeted interventions for P vivax malaria, which is contributing to a large proportion of global malaria burden, mainly in the WHO South-East Asia Region."

18.9 million P vivx malaria cases were registered in the year 2016 out which approximately 13 million were reported from countries in the South-East Asia Region, majorly India.

Singh also stated that “We need targeted strategies for P vivax malaria which presents distinct challenges for control and elimination compared to P falciparum. It is proving to be an extremely difficult parasite as it does not readily respond to the existing control measures and has the ability to remain hidden and beyond the reach of the currently available diagnostic tools and medication."

There is piled up evidence that P vivax malaria can be accounted for severe diseases and in worst cases even deaths. According to World Health Organization, malaria can be held responsible for approximately fifteen percent of casualties apart from the ones in Africa. The above data was collected via initiative launched at the meeting called “Technical Brief on Control and Elimination of P vivax malaria.”


Under Sustainable Development Goals 2030, reducing malaria is one of the major goals. The Malaria Global Technical Strategy was adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2016. The aim of this initiative is to reduce deaths caused by malaria in a minimum of thirty five countries by the end of 2030.

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