Yoga Might Cure The Ill Effects of Chronic Pain
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Yoga Might Cure The Ill Effects of Chronic Pain

According to the new research it is now proved that Yoga can successfully cure and prevent and in some cases even reverse the anatomical changes and impairments that are caused in the brain due to the chronic pain.

A lot of chronic pain patients over the period of time have been seen suffering from anxiety and depression and in some cases even deficits in cognitive functions.

M. Catherine Bushnell, scientific director of Intramural Research at National Institute of Health (NH), US stated that studying imaging in various chronic pain patients have shown that the brains of these patients are very different from other healthy control subjects.

Bushnell at the American Pain Society’s annual meeting further stated that after studying people with depression has shown that the presence of grey matter is less than usual. Studies have shown that the loss if the grey matter is directly proportional to pain, when depression is taken into account.

According to various studies on Yogis it was seen that the presence of grey matter is more in the brain. The frequently mentioned grey matter is kind of a brain tissue with various cell bodies and can be seen in the cerebral cortex and sub cortical areas.

The loss of grey matter can be very fatal as it can lead to various problems including decreased cognitive functioning, memory impairment and other emotional problems.

Bushnell also added that prominent evidence have been collected from several studies, which were conducted at NH and other similar sites that techniques related to the mind and body such as meditation or yoga, can restrain the brain anatomy effects of the chronic pain. Exercising Yoga will have exactly opposite effects on the body and brain as caused by chronic pain.


It is also witnessed that the presence of grey matter is much more than usual in people who practice yoga constantly or Yogis themselves. A little of all the grey matter increase in people like Yogis is also related to the duration and times spend in practicing Yoga.  This suggests that there is a clear link between the two


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