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Do You Know Brown Fat Fights Diabetes and Obesity?

Several studies were conducted for identifying the effect of fat in the human body. Those studies have proven that accumulated body fat carries bad repute without any doubt. But, new studies related to brown fat is proving something opposite to the reports arrived at during the earlier studies. It was recently found that some fats like brown fat, otherwise called as brown adipose tissue are healthy. The list of health benefits that are known to be derived from brown fat is growing considerably and the great news is that brown fat has positive effect with respect to weight loss and in controlling diabetes.

What was believed so far?

So far, science believed that brown fat will be present only in babies and the fat disappears as soon as they begin to grow. But, a study conducted in England in the year 2016 stated that brown fat can be present in adults as well. Also, the study stated that it will be present in huge quantity in younger as against older adults. The study further confirmed that lean people have this fat content in larger quantity as against fat people. Generally, the small amount of brown fat that was carried from the infancy stage will be present in some adults in the upper back and side areas of the neck.

How does it help in controlling obesity and diabetes?

The latest medical journals and researches state that people with higher brown fat content in their body have lesser chances of getting affected with obesity and diabetes. The reason is that it helps in improving fat burning metabolism, controlling blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity as well.

Studies state that the heat-regulating properties of brown fat can play a major role towards burning additional calories, thereby contributing towards weight loss. Reports state that brown fat completely functions in a different way as against white fat. The reason is that the latter increases with every added calorie, while the former burns the calories and can keep the body warm. It can also easily absorb the calories from fat and sugar, thereby helping in fighting obesity and diabetes.

How to activate brown fat?

Now, obese people and those with diabetes will be interested in activating brown fat to achieve weight loss and to bring down the sugar content respectively. To activate it, there is no necessity to put the body to rigorous workout sessions, but all that is to be done is to increase the exposure to cold temperature than the actual capacity of the body. Once it is activated, it can burn up to 300 calories a day. When the body is exposed to cold temperature for about 10-15 minutes, it can bring about an identical hormonal effect similar to doing exercises for an hour. Even exposing to cold climate for a couple of week can help in activating brown fat.

In addition to helping diabetic patients and obese people, it is believed that brown fat can play a major role towards bringing down blood pressure level as well. But, studies have not proven this effect yet.

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