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Obesity In Children - What Should Parents Know?

Childhood obesity is a medical condition that can bring about a negative impact on the well being of children and adolescents. Nowadays, this condition is highly seen due to sedentary lifestyle and many children these days do not play outside at all as most of them are attached to their computer games. It occurs when a kid is well above the normal weight according to his/her age and height.

What are the risk factors involved?

Children with obesity issue are more likely to develop the following health issues:

Gastroesophageal reflux, Gallstones and fatty liver disease

Discomfort in Musculoskeletal system and problems in joints

Difficulty in breathing like asthma and sleep apnea

Resistance to insulin and Increased risk of type 2 diabetes and

High BP and cholesterol and increased risk of heart diseases.

Emotional risks:

Apart from the above-mentioned physical health issues, there are chances that obesity can bring about a great impact on the emotional health of kids as well. They can come across bullying, which in turn will bring down their self-esteem to a great extent. They may face learning and behavioral issues. They may develop poor social skills and they will suddenly become slow in learning. Depression is another great impact of obesity because when they have low self-esteem, they will develop feeling of hopelessness.

How to prevent?

It is important that parents should take some preventive measures to protect their kid from getting into the obesity track and here are some measures to take:

The first step to prevent obesity is to understand the Body Mass Index of your child and it should be monitored properly as well, if you feel that his/her weight is increasing every day.

You can encourage healthy eating habits, by supplying your child with low calorie foods, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Whole grains will also help and most importantly all your family members should follow these healthy food habits to encourage your child to do so.

Rather than indoor games, you can encourage your child to participate in indoor games and physical activities can be encouraged in a fun-filled manner.

What causes obesity in children?

A number of reasons are stated as to why children become obese. The most common of them are genetic reasons, unhealthy food habits and lack of physical activity. A combination of these can also contribute towards this condition. Only rarely, medical conditions like hormonal changes contribute towards excess weight in kids. However, some blood tests and physical examination will help in ruling out whether any medical conditions are causing overweight in kids.

Generally, the total activity schedule and eating habits play a major role in determining his/her weight. As mentioned earlier, a number of children these days just spend their time sitting in front of television or computer and they never engage in outside playing. When they run and play similar type of external games, they will automatically lose weight and reach what is called as ideal weight as per their age and height.

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