Reasons For Obesity In Children

Reasons For Obesity In Children

Obesity among children is turning out to be an epidemic with the increasing number of children from around the world getting more and more overweight. Kids consuming more calories as compared to what their body actually burns are at the higher risk of becoming overweight. There are different factors contributing towards this issue among children and here are some of them to know:


Reports state that one of the important contributors towards weight gain in kids is their genetics. Generally, this factor combines together with other factors to create excess fat content in the body. This is generally case-specific factor and it is rare as well.

Dietary habits:

Among children, diet is something that has undergone a great change these days. The reason for this change in diet can be anything from double income, nuclear families and also children do not have somebody by their side to guide them towards good eating habits.

Junk foods:

As kids are spending most of their time along with their friends or all alone in their homes, they make junk foods as their friends to fight boredom. Furthermore, many moms these days do not find time to pack nutritious foods for lunch to their kids and they allocate money to the children for purchasing form the school canteen/cafeteria, wherein children choose for tasty, yet unhealthy and weight gaining good.

Physical inactivity:

Reports state that the number of children going to the streets for playing with their friends has reduced considerably these days. They are just sitting in front of their computer or television for playing video games. During these playing sessions, they also have the habit of unhealthy snacking and all these contribute towards gaining weight.

In addition, children these days are more stressed towards academic performance and so they do not get time to play too on some days. Even, some children are forced to go to tuition classes after school hours, thereby giving them no space for playing.

Parents are not role models:

Even parents are not turning out to be healthy role models for kids as they do not find time for their own health and fitness. As kids do not have anyone to follow, they just follow the unhealthy lifestyle of their parents and with the growing popularity of networking and video games, they do not actually find time for any physical activity. As the calories they gain from the foods they eat are not getting burned, they are gaining weight.

Other factors:

Rarely, children can keep adding weight due to some medical conditions as well. This can be related to metabolism or hormones. Even, medications given for some conditions can also contribute towards weight gain in kids.


Parents should keep a watch of the above-mentioned contributors and they should play their role to prevent their child from gaining weight more than a certain limit. Good eating habits and exercise regime should be introduced right from the childhood days, which will be of great help to the entire life of the future generation of the society.

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