What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

Experts are of the opinion that a number of factors decide the weight of an individual and even though many people point out their genes as the culprit, reports state that genes contribute only a small percent to overweight and obesity in people.

Even though, different factors are known to contribute to weight gain in people, most of us know that when an individual regularly takes high calorie foods than what is required by the body, he/she will gain weight. The reason is that the body stores the excess calories in the form of body fat and as years pass by the extra fat add to make the individual obese. Experts are of the opinion that when an individual consumes fewer calories as against what can be burned by the body, he/she can lose weight. Before searching for the treatment options to get out of the issue of obesity, it becomes important to identify the underlying factors that contribute towards weight gain. Here are the causes behind weight gain in some people:


It is true that heredity plays a role towards making an individual obese. But, the role played by this cause is generally lesser as against other contributing factors. Rather than being the sole cause of obesity, heredity factors are known to increase the risk of weight gain. For instance, people with inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet generally gain weight, but some people gain more body mass because of the heredity factors added to other contributors. Reports state that the genetic effects can counteract when a healthy lifestyle is followed.

Prenatal and postnatal factors:

Reports state that pregnant moms, who smoke and over are overweight may have infants, who grown more likely as obese adults. In addition, overweight during infancy will increase the risk of obesity during adulthood.

Unhealthy diets:

A typical western diet, wherein frequent and large meals are taken with sugary drinks, unhealthy fats, red meat and refined grains can contribute towards excessive weight gain. On the other hand, foods that lack in western diet like nuts, fruits, vegetables and grain can help in keeping weight under control. These foods can also help in prevention of chronic diseases as well.

Too much inactivity and too much television watching with little sleep:

Reports state that television watching is a strong contributor for weight gain in people. The main reason is that not only sitting in the same place for longer hours, but also because of the fact that the advertisement for foods and beverages can influence the way in which people eat. On the other hand, physical activity can help in prevention of weight gain in people. Another hallmark of the present excessive weight gain among people is the lack of sleep.

Toxic environment:

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, toxic environment can also contribute towards weight gain in people. The reason is that the social and physical environment in which people live plays a crucial role in the food and activity choices they make. For instance, due to excessive and attractive marketing strategies followed by the manufacturers of unhealthy foods, people make some wrong chances with respect to sugary drinks and other unhealthy foods.

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