Natural Cures for Anxiety and Depression

Natural Cures for Anxiety and Depression

Natural Cures for Anxiety and Depression

Fretfulness (anxiety) and Melancholy (depression) are the two most significant health disorders faced by billions of people around the world. All of us are prone to these sorts of mental states at several stages practically on a regular basis, but as we grow old, we produce our peculiar resistance contrary to these mental disorders and discover to deal with life without any surrendering to the coercing anxiety or depression.

Many of us feel fear, pain, nervousness and worry in different situations of life. Though it is very common when these unpleasant physical or psychological conditions occupies you to a disturbing extent, then it results in Anxiety disorder.

On the other hand, when an individual starts feeling sad, gloomy, low, tired, and uninterested towards things at an intense level even without any obvious reason then he is said to be under anxiety or depression.

Symptoms of Depression:

Although the signs vary from person to person, still there are some general indicators which will tell you that whether you are depressed or not:

  • Careless behavior is also a sign that you are feeling gloomy and depressed. It could be a lack of concern towards considerable things, reckless driving, risking things without any care, etc.
  • Feeling tired all the day long and no enthusiasm for doing anything whether it is going out with friends or eating your favorite dish.
  • Lack of interest in activities, without which you can’t imagine to a day earlier.
  • Sleeping disorders such as excessive sleeping habit, lack of sleep or could be Insomnia.
  • Change in appetite as well as in weight shows that you are stressed, where it increases or lowers down.
  • Violence and anger enhancement, you feel that your tolerance level has gone down and temperament has become short. 
  • Sensing loneliness and feeling helpless is one of the most hardcore sign that the individual is depressed. An outlook that nothing can get better, I am not good, I will always be alone, no one likes me shows that you are at a critical stage of anxiety or depression.

Signs of Anxiety:

All of us have faced anxiety at some point in time in our lives but for some, it is a regularity. These individuals tend to suffer from some anxiety disorders.  The symptoms of anxiety have been classified into following classes mainly:

2.       Psychological

Worry, Excessive fear, obsessive thinking, feeling tense, lacking mental calmness.

3.       Behavioural

Ignoring situations which make you feel nervous or worried and this impacts your social life.

1.       Physical

Quick breathing, chest tightening, panic attacks, Hot & cold flushes.

Treatment of Depression:

There are some very easy natural remedies for curing depression other than the intake of pharmaceuticals which later gives up side-effects.

  • Techniques which relaxes you such as yoga, meditation, your favorite hobbies (Dancing, Painting, etc.). Feelings of joy and happiness are generated by these mental and physical exercises. 
  • Whenever you’re experiencing any of these two mental states, seek to learn unique and interesting things to maintain your mental issues and thus to focus on new things instead of thinking about negativities. Undertake some weekend lectures, keep it simple and ensure that you are selecting the thing which will make you refresh and enjoyable. Such as, a new language can help you to ignore your depression issues
  • You can set up a meeting with your buddies or can gossip with them on the cellular telephone. You may pay a quick stopover them to their home or no matter what place suits you or can invite them to your house. If you desire, you may even arrange some get-together and can easily distract yourself from such mental conditions.
  • Make sure that you are consuming balanced and healthy diet. You can pamper yourself by consuming your favorite items instead of worrying about fat and calories. You can exercise afterward, but right now, it is important for people like you to being distracted from the mental issues and focus on positivity.
  • Cure for Anxiety:

    Here are some beneficial things that you could do perform to overcome anxiety issues in a natural manner reducing the pessimistic consequences of demarcating mental or emotional states. Before attempting to use any of these natural anxiety issues cure mentioned here you’ve to apprehend that not all of the cures will work in a similar manner to all of the persons, what may be effective for an individual might not be working to other. It is thus very vital to determine the anxiety or depression relief treatment that suits you best. And it must also be taken care that all of the methods discussed can’t replace the necessity of professionals and thus one must consult with some professional or mental doctor or psychiatrist before attempting to any cure.

    • Whenever you face anxiety indications, attempt to distract your mind in the thing that interests you; It can comprise of creativity, artistry or one of your hobbies such as listening music, drawing sketches or studying your curriculum or novels etc.
    • Reduce the consumption of caffeine as it boosts your anxiety level like coffee, tea and soda. Intake drinks which benefit you like green tea. It is also a source of anti-oxidants.
    • Develop food habits or consume stuff which helps in mitigating stress and balancing mood. Like products loaded with Vitamin C like oranges and with magnesium like green leafy vegetables helps in lowering Cortisol, which is a stress hormone?
    • Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts which comprise of Magnesium Sulphate helps in relieving anxiety disorders and soothes your mood. Adding Lavender oil may also help in bettering the effect.
    • Just exposing yourself to the sun can help a lot. Intake of sunlight for 15 minutes a day increases Vitamin D level which lowers down symptoms of Anxiety.
    • You need to develop a good sense of humor. Even a fake laugh helps in this situation. Laughing increases the level of Dopamine which is a brain chemical that controls pleasure feelings.
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