Ebola Virus - Symptoms, Care, Treatment and Prevention
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Ebola Virus - Symptoms, Care, Treatment and Prevention

Ebola Virus - Symptoms, Care, Treatment and Prevention

Ebola Virus - Things You ought to Know
Ebola Virus is making some news all over the world these days due to its devastating effects and the people it infects and sometimes die due to not getting proper treatment. According to the statistics submitted by WHO, it has been becoming an enormous challenge for all people to cop up with specially WHO for its abolitions, Ebola Virus has implanted a name of fear in the minds of the common man all over the world. They are really terrified for their lives.
What is Ebola?
Ebola virus has emerged out to be a fatal fever which is infecting not only human beings but also animals like apes, gorillas and monkeys etc. It is an unusual but a incurable virus which has come up all over the world which results in bleeding inside and outside the body. This virus spreads in the whole body and also affects the person’s immune system as well as its organs. As its incubation period gets over, it leads to the decrease in the level of the blood clotting cells in the body which in turn results in uncontrollable and disorderly bleeding in the body parts. This virus is also called as Ebola Hemorrhagic fever, about 90% people infected by this deadly fever loses his/her live due to it.
How does Ebola Spread?
Ebola virus fits in the family called Filoviridae, it is actually responsible for its cause. In the recent times, scientific researchers have discovered about five distinct types of Ebola viruses in the world. Beyond these, four Ebola viruses affects human beings and the rest one affects animals. In the current time, the Ebola is bounded to Africa merely. As Ebola is not communicable as the flu is, it reaches from one individual to the another through physical contact or through the body fluids of an infected human or animal. Consequently we can say that it spreads from one people to another. The people who are betrothed in upkeep an infected individual is on a huge risk of astringent of the virus.
Ebola virus does not get spread through air, food or from water.
Indications or Symptoms of Ebola:
During the development period of the Ebola virus, usually which remain for a period of one or two weeks approximately, the symptoms are as under:
Back Pain, Fever, Coldness, Exhaustion, tiredness, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and arthritis etc,
And when the development period gets over, i.e. when the disease has embraced the victim, the indications or symptoms are as under:
Bleeding from ears, eyes or nose, gastrointestinal bleeding from rectum or mouth, blood rashes on the whole body, eyes and genitals get swollen up etc.
Tests and Diagnosis of Ebola:
It is generally thought to be a very complex process to determine whether a person is suffering from Ebola fever merely on the basis of the following symptoms. There are some tests or diagnosis which will surely let you know that the person is victim or not. They are:
Electrolytes, CBS, Liver Function tests, Coagulation test etc.

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