Herbal Remedy for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy
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Herbal Remedy for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Herbal Remedy for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Pregnant? Flip a coin. Head, you don’t have morning sickness, tails, you do.

The odd 50-50 that you’ll experience nausea and vomiting early in your pregnancy. And despite the name, you can have morning sickness at any time of the day or night.

Although doctors don’t know what causes morning sickness, some believe it might be related to be profound hormonal and metabolic changes that occur in a women’s body during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Low blood sugar, nutritional deficiency, sluggish liver function and hydrochloric acid are other possible contributors. Psychological factors may play a role as well.

Just because herbs are natural does not mean they are safe, especially during pregnancy.As a general rule, do not take any herb without consulting, avoid any bitter herbs in early pregnancy, as they can cause uterine contraction and possibly induce miscarriage also avoid stronger medicinal herbs in general.

More tips for easing morning sickness

Currently mostly doctors avoid prescribing drugs for morning sickness, because any drug taken by the mother get passed along to the fetus. Some women have severe enough vomiting to require treatment with intravenous fluid to prevent dehydration and correct fluid balance.

Beside this there are some simple tips and home remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy

Small changes can make a big difference in the frequency and severity of morning sickness.

  • Eat small, frequent meal and snacks- make them wholesome foods, with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrate that help maintain stable blood sugar. Try whole-grain biscuits with nut butters hard-boiled egg slice on rye bread or yogurt with fruit and some wheat germ.
  • Keep an eye on your fluid intake- dehydration can worse your nausea. If you are severely nauseated, sip fluids frequently or suck on ice cubes. You can also freeze herbal teas in an ice tray.
  • Beef up your Vitamin B6 intake- B6 deficiency is common during pregnancy which leads to nausea. Therefore eat plenty of foods rich in B6 nuts, legumes, green vegetables, whole grain,meat and fish.

Herbal remedy for morning sickness

  • Ginger

Researches don’t know how ginger calm nausea and vomiting, but they know that it does. It’s a superior remedy for motion sickness and morning sickness. It may calm vomiting center in the brain. It also reduces abdominal cramp

  • Chamomile

Gentle and soothing to both the digestive tract and the nervous system, chamomile makes a lovely tea. It is especially helpful if you are feeling a little stressed out in addition to your nausea.

Typical dosages

1 to 3 cups of tea sipped frequently throughout the day.

  • Peppermint

This aromatic herb soothes the entire digestive tract and is especially helpful if you have wind or feel balloted.

Typical dosages: 1 to 3 cups of tea, sipped frequently throughout the day.

Other safe herb to try for morning sickness, or to look for in commercial teas, include fennel seed(especially good for wind and bloating), cinnamon and lemon balm, and don’t forget the demulcent, or soothing, herbs such as slippery elm, flaxseed and oats.


Prepared: by Dr. Shivani Amola

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