Home Remedies for Acidity

Home Remedies for Acidity

Home remedies for Acidity

Acidity is often considered a very slight discomfort. Only those who suffer from it can tell you how difficult it is to even breathe when you are suffering from acidity. If you suffer from it often too, there is no need to go pill popping. Here are some simple home remedies to help you:

It is a common misconception to drink aerated drinks or soda to cure acidity. If you must, drink about 20 ml of Limca or any other lemon based drink with half a lemon squeezed into it. Otherwise, opt for chamomile or any other herbal tea instead.

A green tender coconut is a great remedy for acidity. Drink the water from this coconut to soothe acid reflux and regurgitation. Drink it slowly though, because it has a lot of fat. If you gulp it, it could induce nausea.

A glass of cold milk is one of the oldest home remedies for acidity and gas. If you can, try to drink low fat or double toned milk instead of full cream variety.

Take about 6 to 7 mint leaves and steep them in a glass of water for at least 5 minutes. Keep a lid on the saucepan and let the solution rest for about 15 minutes. Sieve it into a glass and throw the blanched leaves away. Drink this liquid while it is lukewarm after your meal. This will not only help get rid of acidity, but will also keep it at bay.

If you have very severe acidity, suck on a piece of clove for some time. The oils in clove soothe the acids and gastric juices. If you do not get immediate effect, chew on a few pieces of clove instead. Also read How to cure Acidity by ayurveda ?

For instant relief from acidity, you may suck on a piece of lemon. Of you do not like the taste of lemon and do not want to suck on it directly, squeeze a lemon in a glass of cold water. Add some salt and sugar to it and drink it.

A piece of jaggery is considered an excellent home remedy for acidity. You could suck on a piece for some time to improve your symptoms. If the acidity still prevails, eat a bowl of unflavored yogurt. This is also known to give relief from acidity.

Banana and almonds are often suggested as remedies for acidity. So if you have it frequently, bananas a day can help keep it at bay. Get Out Of The Myths About Acidity

When you have acidity, avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and tobacco both worsen acidity, so try and cut down as much as you can.

The symptoms of acidity and heartburn can be effectively reduced by chewing gum. A mint flavor chewing gum will be better but you could choose a sugarless gum too. The saliva produced by chewing gum can help move the food through the alimentary canal, therefore reducing the heartburn. If you do not have gum readily available, you could chew on a few mint leaves.

Powdered ginger, ginger capsules, ginger candy and ginger tea – all are great for soothing acidity. Adding ginger as an herb to all your meals can help aid digestion and prevent heartburn.

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