Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

A disease in which blood sugar level increase then its normal level is diabetes. Sugar or glucose comes from food we eat and insulin is a hormone which maintains this sugar level in body. This metabolic disorder occurs when either insulin produced by pancreas is inadequate (type 1 Diabetes) or when body cells do not respond to insulin (type 2 Diabetes).

Symptoms include intense thirst, frequent urination, weight loss unusual weight gain, wounds or cuts that does not heal, tingling and numbness in hands and feet. Diabetes can eventually damage the eyes, kidney, heart and nerves, and lead to coma and death.

Although there are no. of treatment options available in market for diabetic patient. Here are some power packed home remedies which act as a wonder to maintain blood sugar level and provide a healthy life to a patient with their diabetes.

Home remedies for diabetes

• Gymnema(Gurmar)
This herb contains a gymnemic acid that stimulates the pancreases to produce more insulin and to maintain the blood sugar level. Consequently it works in both types of diabetes.
Typical dosages- 400mg of capsule per day.

• Fenugreek(methi)
Modern research has shown that Fenugreek seeds not only lower the blood glucose but also reduces insulin level, total cholesterol and triglycerides while increases HDL. Fenugreek seeds also contain up to 50% fibre, which is clue to how they work in diabetes the fibre in seeds slow down the rates at which is emptied from the stomach, resulting in lower blood sugar. Many nutritional expertises say that diabetic patient should make Fenugreek seeds a regular part of their diets.
Typical dosages- for insulin- dependent diabetes, as little as 5000 mg of powdered seed per day:
For severe or insulin dependent diabetes, up to 50,000 mg twice per day.

• Bilberry
The fruits of this medicinal herb is a rich source of 2 types of flavonoids-anthocynaidins and proanthocyanidins. Flavonoids are well known for their beneficial effect on capillary. Since long term diabetes has one most common complication is damage to the small blood vessel of the eyes, kidney, and tips of the toes and finger.
Typical dosages- 80 160mg of capsules.

• Grapeseed extract
Grapeseed extract is well known another rich source of flavonoids it has the same benefits for people with the diabetes as bilberry.

• Bitter melon
This fruit has anti-diabetic property. Research says that it contain three active compound which maintain glycaemic index as they are close to chemical relatives of insulin. You can take it in a form of juice, tea, vegetable or salad.

• Pterocarpus or Vijaysar
This is especially used in type 2 diabetes as it works in reducing the blood sugar level. You can use this herb as in tea or decoction form but best way to use it is just soak the bark of vijayasar in glass for overnight and drink it in next morning.

Prepared by : Dr Shivani Amola

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