Home Remedies For Dysuria

Home Remedies For Dysuria

Many people experience occasional episodes of short-term discomfort when they urinate. This discomfort in urination is referred to a condition called as dysuria. It is nothing, but a feeling of pain, discomfort or burning sensation when urinating in the tube that carries urine out of the bladder or urethra. Even, some people experiencing this symptom will feel that their body has become overheated. This condition is not actually a disease by itself, but it is just a symptom of some other diseases. This condition is commonly experienced by men and women in the age group of 18 and 50 years. Even, reports state that women are more prone to this condition as against men.


When it comes to women, the most common cause for this condition, which is otherwise called as painful urination, is urinary tract infection that is caused by bacteria. When it comes to men, it is caused by urethritis and certain prostate conditions that lead to this problem. The other common causes behind this condition include prostate inflammation, STDs, kidney infection, genital herpes, bladder infection, chlamydia and kidney stones. Even, this can be caused due to dehydration and poor personal hygiene as well. When this condition is diagnosed in advance, it will help in determining the underlying cause, so that appropriate treatment can be obtained. At the same time, some home remedies can help in preventing and treating the burning sensation and pain during urination.

Increase water intake:

Increasing the intake of water will go a long way in providing relief for painful urination. Water will help in fixing the problem by flushing out the unwanted bacteria that causes infection. Water intake will help in keeping away from dehydration as well, which can worsen the condition. Water will also help in bringing down the excess heat in the body and will promote frequent urination. Not just water, even water-based fruits and vegetables can help in this regard.

Warm compresses:

Warm compresses can also help in easing the pain. The heat produced by this method will bring down bladder compression and the resulting pain. This can be done in the lower abdominal area for about 5 minutes. This can be done for several 5 minutes with gaps in-between each session. Even, heating pad can help in this regard.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar will help in combating the infection that causes painful urination. Even, this remedy being rich source of potassium, enzymes and other minerals, will help in maintaining the natural pH level in the body. All that is to be done is to add a spoon of unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar to a spoon of raw honey and both should be added to a glass of warm water for drinking two times a day. Even, this vinegar can be added to bathtub and the person experiencing pain during urination can soak in this water for about 15-20 minutes. This can be done on a daily basis until the condition improves.

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# Jayesh 2017-05-07
Hii can you plz tell me, Which fluids can cause or spread syphilis infection, alos give me the list of good gynec in Dharmapuri?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-05-08
Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in Dharmapuri .
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# Aarush 2017-03-02
Hello, plz tell me what are venereal diseases, can you plz suggest some good gynecologist in Gurdaspur ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-03
veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in Gurdaspur.
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