Home Remedies For Numbness In Feet And Hands

Home Remedies For Numbness In Feet And Hands

Generally, numbness in arms and legs particularly in palm and in the foot is experienced by some people and they will come across lack of touch sensation. Otherwise, they can also have burning sensation or tingling sensation, weakness and sharp pain in the affected area. It is a common problem and there are a number of causes like:

• Constant strain on the hands and feet

• Contact to cold objects

• Impermanent compression of nerve

• An injury to nerve

• Nutritional deficiency of magnesium or Vitamin B12

• Lack of activity

• Fatigue

• Smoking and

• Excessive drinking

• In some patients, it can be caused due to other medical conditions like underactive thyroid, multiple sclerosis, migraines, diabetes and tunnel syndrome.

Generally, numbness that lasts only for a few minutes is not a matter of concern, but it is better to consult your doctor if it is experienced frequently for longer periods. It can be caused due to an underlying health issue that should be treated. Experiencing numbness in feet and palm is something discomforting and so you can follow some home remedies like those mentioned below to get relief:

Warm compression: The first thing to be done is to apply warm compression on the area in which you experience numbness. The compression will help in improving the blood supply to the affected area and all you have to do is to dip a cloth in warm water and place the cloth for about 5-7 minutes and it is better to do this for several times until the numbness is gone. Even using a heating pad and having a warm shower can also help.

Massage: Massaging the hands and feet is another way to deal with this issue as it can increase the flow of blood, which in turn can bring down numbness. Furthermore, it will help in stimulation of muscles and nerves, thereby improving their overall functioning. All you have to do is to put some warm mustard, coconut and olive oil on the palm and the same should be applied in the numb area. The massaging should be done in a circular motion with firm fingers for at least 5 minutes. The process should be repeated as required.

Exercise: Exercise can play a major role towards improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to all parts of the body, thereby prevention of tingling sensation and numbness present anywhere in the body. Regular exercise can play a major role towards improving mobility and preventing many health issues. You can just do some simple exercises for your legs and arms for about 15 minutes on a daily basis in the morning. You can do stretches and curls during intervals at your work. You can do aerobic and cardiovascular workouts for about 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. You can also engage in swimming, jogging, cycling and walking on a regular basis for improvement of blood circulation. It is suggested to do some stretching before you start exercising and wear appropriate workout attire for comfort. There are chances that high-impact exercises can cause numbness in toes and feet and when this happens, it is better to avoid these high-impact exercises.

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