Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Every one of us at some point of life goes through with this situation of stomach ache or pain in lower abdomen. The pain can be sharp, dull, crampy or pricking. A cause for this pain varies from person to person. So the common causes are acidity, gas, diarrhoea, inflammation in intestine, ulcer, constipation, gall bladder stone, appendicitis and many others.

Most of the time a simple and occasionally stomach ache occurs due to irregular eating habits or unhygienic food which causes acidity, gas, distension, constipation along with stomach ache. This condition does not need heavy loaded medicines they are easily treated with Ayurvedic herbs and many of them are already present in your kitchen.

Home remedies for stomach pain
• In Ayurveda aggravated vata is one of the causes of pain. So there are so many herbs present in your kitchen wardrobe which are able to suppress this vitiated vata.
 ½ tsp-Dry ginger
 ½ tsp- Roasted cumin seeds,
 ½ tsp-Coriander,
 ½ tsp- Asafoetida
Just add this content in 1 glass water and boil it for 5-8 minutes then sieve and drink it.

• Camomile (matricaria recutita)
A time honoured, soothing digestive herb that soothes the stomach and relax the muscles that move food through the intestine. Many people use camomile as a sedative. For an upset stomach it is one of the excellent bed time tonics. You can also add peppermint for a tasty and effective tea to treat stomach ache.

• Marshmallow (althaea officinalis)
The root of this herb soothes the digestive tract’s mucous membranes. It’s also act as a mild immune-system stimulant, good for those whose stomach ache may have a viral or bacterial causes.
Typical dosages: 1 cup of tea per day in divided dosages. Or 20-40 tincture up to five times per day.

• Butter milk
A glass of butter milk with roasted jeera (cumin) powder and black salt is really help full in stomach related ailments it just flush out the content of stomach which may be the one of the cause of ache.

• Garlic
Garlic is well known drug used for balancing vitiated vata dosha. Just add some black pepper, black salt, dry mint leaves powder and asafoetida to make a paste and try 1 tsp of this paste with luke warm water.

• Yoghurt
Yoghurt contains lactobacillus bacteria which helps you to provide a healthy gut and relief in stomach ache. Just add roasted jeera powder and black salt.

• Ginger
Ginger stimulates digestion and dispels wind, help move food through the intestinal tract and reduce irritation. It can also prevent motion sickness. Typical dosage: ½ to 1 tsp fresh ground root per day or 10-20 drop of tincture in water tree times per day.

Mixing one teaspoonful of ginger juice with one teaspoonful of castor oil gives relief from stomach ache and can be taken twice daily.

• Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Dandelion relieves wind and stimulates the digestive tract. It is one of the best remedy for stomach ulcers. You can add dandelion in your diet as a salads/ vegetables stir fries or tea.

Stomach ache shows that your stomach is seeking for rest. So in this condition avoid spicy, oily, maida products, heavy pulses etc. take small and frequent meal. 15 minutes walk after meal is good for stomach.
Simple stomach ache can be helped with herbs but if you don’t get relief, you should consult your doctors because then your stomach ache can be just a symptom of some serious ailments.

Prepared by: Dr. Shivani Amola

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# Vivaan 2017-04-17
Hii can you plz tell me, Which fluids can cause or spread syphilis infection, alos give me the list of good gynec in Sholapur?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-18
Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in Sholapur .
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# Himmat 2017-03-05
My friend has been diagnosed with gonorrhoea, Please tell which tests will be advisable, also suggest gynec in Araria ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-06
VDRL tests should be done every month for 3 consecutive months for detecting syphilis as well as other sexually transmitted diseases,These tests should be conducted at proper times, find good Gynecologist in Araria
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# Jayesh 2017-02-23
Hello, plz tell me what are venereal diseases, can you plz suggest some good gynecologist in Khagaria ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-02-24
veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in Khagaria.
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# Pooja Older than three months
Hello, plz let me know Can gonorrhoea be transmitted to small children, should I consult with good maternity doctor in Agra
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# Dr. Pooja Older than three months
yes,this can be transmitted by infected mothers to children, In this case it is called as ophthalmia neonatorum, find list of good doctor-.Obstetrician in Agra
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