Home remedy for treating colds

Home remedy for treating colds

Very common spice Jeera or cumin seeds contribute a different flavour to our dishes and is generally used in almost every Indian household. Nevertheless, these little seeds are also packed with a host of other health benefits. These seeds are an excellent home remedy to treat common cold and relive from sore throat.

What are the things which make Jeera such a good home remedy for treating colds is its combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Besides it has nutrients like Vitamin C, A and iron which strengthen your immunity, making you more effective of fighting infections.

If you are suffering from cold, you can try the remedy for the cold:

Firstly boil one tablespoon of jeera seeds in two cups of water.

Then add a small piece of crushed ginger to the boiling water.

Once it boils, and all the nutrients of jeera and ginger are absorbed by the water,

You have to strain the preparation so that the jeera seeds are left out.


Consume it water based preparation as often as you can for relief.


This is simple-to-prepare solution will not only help relieve cold, but also help with your digestion, boost your metabolism and help flush out toxins from your body.

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