Home Remedy for Warts

Home Remedy for Warts

Home Remedy for Warts


Warts are uneven skin growths caused by human papillomavirus (HPV)

Viruses. There are more than 60 types of HPV virus and some of them when penetrates the top layer of skin causes unusual tissue growth. This viruses are transmitted when comes in contract with cut or damaged skin.

This warts are non-cancerous in nature, but some people find them bothersome or embarrassing. Warts are most commonly seen in hand, feet and between the toes. 

According to their location warts are divided into 4 parts

  • Periungual warts:-in hands, toes, fingers.
  • Flat warts:in face, arm and legs.
  • Plantar warts:in soles of the feet.
  • Filiform warts: usually around mouth, nose and chins. 

Here are some power packed home remedy to get rid out of these warts.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar consist of antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, therefore widely used to treat warts.

Just apply this Apple cider vinegar with the cotton ball on the infected area and cover the warts with tape or bandage. Take this therapy in every alternate days. 

  • White cedar(thujaoccidentalis)

This tree has antiviral compounds and a reputation for removing warts. You can buy a tincture and paints it on the warts two or three times per day.

Caution: don’t use this herb internally if you’re pregnant. 

  • Pineapple (ananascomosus)

In theory, the protein dissolving enzyme bromelain, which is derived from pineapple, may help soften and remove tough, warty tissue. You can try cutting a piece of pineapple husk large enough to cover your wart overnight. Remove in the morning and reapply each night as needed. 

  • Tae tree oil and clove oil.

These both oil together form a combination which consist of antiviral property and germ fighting capability which helps to treat numbers of other skin disorder. Directly apply this combination on warts and cover it with bandage. 

  • Bee propolis

Bee propolis is very helpful and effective in curing warts. Directly apply this propolis in warts and leave it for overnight after covering with bandage. 

  • camphor and castor oil

Oils which are rich in vitamin A, C and E such as camphor and castor oil are effective in treating warts. 

  • Onion juice

Cut out the onion slice, sprinkle some salt in it and extract the juice of onions apply it regularly on warts, it will slowly-slowly shed off the dead skin of warts and cure them completely. 

  • Plantar warts or warts present on your feet some time creates

Painful condition so it’s important to treat them in there initial stage. If you are aware of a growing warts in your feet then star soaking your feet on hot water along with 2-4 tsp of vinegar for about 15-20minutes. 

Warts mostly occurs on pressure point so try to avoid these condition. If they are present on plantar of your feet start using use soft sleeper and shoes.

Prepared : by Dr. ShivaniAmola

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Hello, Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoea,This disease is caused in the genitourinary tracts, for more details plz visit good gynec in Kullu, find list of Gynecologist in Kullu
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Hii, The incubation period can be 10 to 90 days, plz find list of Gynecologist in Banaskantha
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