Honey Can Provide Excellent Cure For Body Ache

Honey Can Provide Excellent Cure For Body Ache

Many of us experience severe pain in the body sometimes. Even though, this does not happen all days in our lives, when the work pressure increases or when there are some stressful situations in the life, we experience the pain. When pain arrives, rather than analyzing the reason for the ache, the first and foremost thing we will think is how to get relief. Many of us opt for pain relieving tablets as they provide quick relief. But, reports state that these tablets are not safe to use and they can cause many side-effects and there are also chances that you will become more dependent on them when you begin using those pain killers. So, what can be the solution? Let us find here:

Medicinal properties of honey:

Many studies have identified that honey is an excellent remedy that can cure a number of diseases that too without causing any side-effects. Even though, it is stated that diabetic patients cannot take sweet, they can rely on honey as this semi-solid natural food will not increase their blood sugar level. Generally, diabetic patients experience a lot of pain in their body then and there and they can look for honey as the solution for their pain.

Honey with cinnamon:

Honey, when mixed with cinnamon, which is another wonderful natural remedy can bring a wide range of benefits to the humans. Right from helping in weight loss, it can play a major role towards skin care benefits. This combo can work well towards bodily pains and here are some details about this combo:

Those experiencing the debilitating arthritis pain, can just take a spoon of honey and two spoons of lukewarm water with a spoon of cinnamon for making a paste and this paste can provide an excellent remedy to joint pain. This paste can be used in liquid form as well for internal consumption for two times a day. A study conducted by Copenhagen University on arthritis patients concluded that 73 out of 200 patients were able to get the best relief from this combo.

Remedy for sore throat:

Like other pains, sore throat can also be cured by honey. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, this nature’s gift can provide excellent remedy to the ache caused by sore throat and the sore throat itself can be cured by this natural remedy. In addition, it can also fight against bacteria that cause infection in throat, thereby providing the best relief to the people suffering with this remedy.

It is recommended by herbalists that honey is a home remedy for many ailments and having a bottle of pure honey at home is always beneficial. When women get to know the different remedies provided by this nature’s gift, they will never stop purchasing this excellent remedy and keep it ready right at their kitchen to provide immediate relief to a number of ailments. It can just be mixed in a ginger extract liquid for providing excellent remedy to cold and related headaches immediately. So, have a bottle of pure honey handy at home and get the best home cure readily available at your home.

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# Tushar 2017-04-26
Hii, I am from Mandi, I want to know can cigerrete sharing can lead to syphilis ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-27
yes,sharing cigerette,drinking cups,common spoons etc can also lead to syphilis, Generally whenever the fluid of a person who has syphilis is shared,the infection can occur, you should also consult with good Gynecologist in Mandi
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# Aarush 2017-04-03
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in South 24 Parganas ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-04-04
During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Dr Das Nursing Home and Diagnostic Centre Private Limited.
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