How to cure Acidity by ayurveda ?

How to cure Acidity by ayurveda ?

How to cure Acidity by ayurveda ?

The problem of gastric distension, acidity and indigestion are commonest these days. This is basically a disease of gastro – intestinal track and due to abnormal secretions of gastric and pancreatic enzymes and it also described as acid – disorder. This is due to  changing lifestyle along with changing food culture and also depending upon ones body constitution Amlapitta is one of the most common symptom (disease) seen in the society.

Causes :

•  Excessive intake of acidic-substances.
•  Stressful daily routine.
•  Insufficient sleep at night.
•  Irregular meal times or skipping meals.
•  Eating too late at night.
•  Spicy food habits like pizza, burger, chinese food.
•  Oily foods, pickles.
•  Salty and sour foods like chips .
•  Over eating of fermented foods(bakery foods, idli, dosa, etc).
•  Sleeping immediately after meals.
•  Lack of rest , fast moving lifestyle.
•  Suppression of natural urges.
•  Too much of worries.
•  Walking for long hours in hot sun very often, or working near hot areas .

All these above factors result in excessive increase of ‘Pitta dosha’ which tries to find its way out of the body either through oral or rectal pathway and along with it exhibits symptoms of amlapitta.


•  Abdominal discomfort
•  Flatulence
•  Indigestion.
•  Sour or bitter belching
•  Irregular bowel movement
•  Heartburn.
•  Heaviness in abdomen.
•  Distention of abdomen.
•  Pain in abdomen.
•  Chest pain.
•  Headache.
•  Nausea, vomitting.
•  Bad breathe.
•  Foul smelling loose motions.
•  Itching all over the body.
•  Fainting.
•  Giddiness.
•  Chronicity of the disease may further lead to gastric ulceration.


The main key for treating acidity is to improve digestion.
As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” it is better to avoid all the causative factors of  acidity
•  One should follow the meal times.
•  Avoid eating spicy foods, or foods containing excess amount of garlic, salt, oil, chillies,etc. very often.
•  Carrot juice or coconut water 1 cup to 2 cup daily
•  Clove 1 piece after meal daily
•  Milk diet helps to  reducing acidity.
•  2 glass of water empty stomach daily.
•  Morning walk, exercise and germinated gram in morning with breakfast, along with amla murabba and milk daily prevent hyperacidity.
•  Avoid excessive use of analgesics as asprin, ibuproben etc are always harmful.
•  Avoid fried food, chillies, spicy, cold drink, coffee, smoking, tobacco, curd, acidic diet, brinjal



1.  Avipattikar churna-  1 tsp ½ hour before meal twice a day
2.  Kamdugha rasa – 1 tab three times a day in case bu1rning sensation is the prime symptom. Or  Sutshekhar  rasa  – 1 tab three times a day.
3. Triphala churna 1-2 tsp at night with warm water
4.  Prawal panchamrit – 1 tab after lunch & 1 tab after dinner; specially in sour belchings, feeling of bloating,etc.
5.  Dry ginger powder 1/4th tsp + ghee 1tsp + 1 tsp sugar should be taken in the morning at empty stomach.
6. Churnas like – shatavari churna, yastimadhu churna, sariva churna, vasa, bhringa,  amla churna, chandan, guduchi satwa, musta, also be helpful. But should be taken under supervision
7.  Draksayarist, Chandanasav, ushirasav, bhunimbadi kadha, abhayarishta, amlapitta kadha, amlapita mishran etc should be taken with enough qty of   water after  lunch and dinner.
8.  Shatavari ghrit, yashti ghrit also  helps in certain cases.


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(Ayurvedic consultant)
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