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Naturally Obstruct Hair Fall With These Hair Oils

Without any doubt, hair is something that can add beauty to all regardless of their sex. But, as age advances, hair fall becomes something rampant, particularly for men and it can lead to baldness as well. Hair fall brings a sense of insecurity in both sex and different treatments are marketed these days to stop hair loss. However, it is highly important that men and women should rely on safe remedies that do not cause any side-effects. Here are some natural oils that can be used by both men and women to get relieved of their hair loss issue.

Causes of hair loss:

Before actually getting into the remedies for hair fall, it is better to understand the factors that can contribute towards hair fall:

• Reports state that unclean habits and untidy hair are the main reasons for hair fall.

• As most of us know, improper diet is one of the factors contributing towards this debilitating issue in men and women. It is found that including too much of deep fried diet and sweet foods can contribute towards heavy hair loss.

• Increased strain and stress in body and mind, constipation, improper environment, harmful chemical shampoos and lack of sleep can also contribute towards hair fall.

• It can also be caused due to improper nutrition

• Sporting different hairstyles and frequent use of hair dryers and blowers can also contribute towards excessive hair loss.

Natural oil-based remedies for hair loss:

Here are the ideas for preparing natural oils that can control hair fall to a great extent:

Curry leaves:

• All you have to do is just take 100 grams of coconut oil and begin boiling it.

• Just take fistful of curry leaves and just add one leaf at a time till all the leaves are placed in the oil. The oil should be steamed until the leaves change to black color.

• Then, remove the oil from the stove and allow it to cool and start using the oil on a daily basis.

• This coconut oil and curry leave mixture is an excellent remedy not only for hair fall, but also for graying hair as well. In addition, it can also fight against dandruff as well.

Curry leaves can also be used in cooking in addition to using this oil for external application.

Indian Gooseberry:

Just take a few Indian gooseberries and cut them into pieces and allow them to dry under sunlight.

• Once the fruits become dry, add them to 100 grams of boiling coconut oil.

• Then, filter the oil and start using it on hair and it can provide an excellent remedy for hair loss.

• It can also improve the shiny appearance and strength of the hair as well.

• It can also bring down the body’s heat, which is stated as an important reason behind hair loss and can induce good sleep as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned two remedies, you can also use 100 grams of mustard seed oil and 25 grams of henna to the mustard oil and boil them for some time. Then, filter the mixture and keep applying it. All these remedies will show results only when they are used continuously for 6 months.

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