" Cadaver Organ donations" are more depended on than "Live Donations" in India,---Part---5
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" Cadaver Organ donations" are more depended on than "Live Donations" in India,---Part---5

" Cadaver Organ donations" are more depended on than "Live Donations" in India,---Part---5

Continued from part--4


Organ Transplant

In this world many are there with the acute conditions or problems of chronic organ failure, which ultimately needs transplantations as the only way out. Trauma can be the main reason for organ failure. Besides this, certain infections, severe injury to the organ or some chronic conditions such as alcoholic addictions or diabetes may also cause irreparable damages to our body system.

If a person’s organ or organs fail to function properly the person needs organ replacements.   But the replacement can only be possible if the person can get a donor that is the matching organ from other person, who must be very close to the recipient.  The donor must be either living and willfully wants to donate the organ or the person has recently died or has suffered “brain dead” condition due to some reason.

The case of a cadaver donor

In the case of a cadaver donor (a dead donor) a doctor has to harvest the organ. The organs in this case may be heart, eyes, intestines, lungs, skin, liver, pancreas etc.

The case of a living donor

In the case of a living donor, the donor can donate kidney, stem cells and liver.

The process of organ donation in India

The process of organ donation in India is really a complex one. Severe types of tests are involved before the actual donation can take place. Even tests are surmountable but laws are really impeding factor that come in the way of donations of organs and governing the transplantations. The legal knots are needed for checking illegal and black marketing of organs. There are different types of red tapes attached with the organ transplantations.

Many people shy away from pledging organ donations because of myths attached with it or the scenario is very dismal. In many cases, the intention of the organ transplantation is maligned by corruptions by different parties involved in it.

The other reason is when you can pledge your organ for cadaver donation you are not taking any interest in live donations. Although there are lots of differences between live donation and cadaver donation and the chances of success rates are more in live donations. But the availability is strictly complicated by the red tapes.

Some questions regarding “live organ donations” are always prominently ‘bother-some’. They are:

· “Why to donate the perfectly good organs when you can do the same after your death”?

· “In case the recipient fails to respond to the transplanted organ or a foreign organ, what should be the fun of donating the live organ”?

· “If the person is otherwise not close to the donor, but matches perfectly with the organ to be donated, will the donor be so benevolent to donate the organ without a matching price, manipulating the government rules”?

· “How the organ transplant nexus between the scrupulous group and the beneficiary is mal-practiced by the different networks that compel the government to tighten the noose even on the genuine cases”?

All these open up the ‘Pandora’s box’ and cause the problems for many genuine cases. The cadaver donation ultimately becomes the only resource. Since the death is not written on any one’s face, even if the death occurs, many donors with pledge cannot get their wish fulfilled due to many reasons.


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