Top 7 Home Remedies For Constipation

Top 7 Home Remedies For Constipation

If you are in this page, you might already have tried out different remedies to get out of constipation or you might be experiencing this condition for the first time. The top 7 home remedies discussed below will be helpful not only for curing the current problem you are facing and these remedies will also regularize your stools when followed in the right manner.

1. Triphala powder:

Triphala is a combination of three fruits namely Indian gooseberry, Vibhaitaki and Haritaki. It is a great laxative and it will help in regulating digestion and bowel movements as well. This powder can either be used by mixing a spoon with warm water or you can also mix it with honey and can have it before going to bed or early in the morning on empty stomach to loosen the stools.

2. Raisins:

Most of us have raisins in our homes and these dry fruits can provide excellent remedy to constipation as it is packed with fiber and it has natural laxative properties. All you have to do is to just soak some raisins in water and just consume the water alone the next morning in empty stomach. This remedy can be highly helpful even for pregnant women.

3. Guavas:

Guavas have soluble fiber in its pulps and insoluble fiber content in seeds. These fruits can enhance the mucus production in anus to make excretion easier.

4. Lemon juice:

Lemon juice can provide the right kind of cleansing to the intestines and all you have to do is to mix some lemon extract in a glass of warm water and just add a pinch of salt to this juice and drink it on empty stomach. It can provide the best detoxification to your body.

5. Figs:

Regardless of whether they are ripe or dried, figs are rich in fiber content and so they possess natural laxative properties. All you have to do to get the right kind of relief from constipation is boil some figs in a glass of milk and drink it before going to bed. When you are drinking the boiled milk should be warm. Even though, syrups of figs are available in the market, it would be better to use whole fruits for this purpose.

6. Flax seeds:

Flax seeds are known for the fiber richness and these seeds can be added to your cereal every morning or you can also just consume a handful of these seeds with water early morning.

7. Castor oil:

Castor oil has long been used for obtaining the right kind of relief from constipation and this oil has the ability to kill intestinal worms as well. If possible, you can just consume a spoon of castor oil as it is. But, if you do not like the taste, just add a spoon of oil in warm glass of milk and consume it before going to bed. The next morning you will find excretion easier.

Apart from these home remedies, you can also include fiber rich foods like spinach, oranges and seed mixtures to your diet on a regular basis to stay away from constipation.

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