Ttreating Pneumonia at Home

Ttreating Pneumonia at Home

Ttreating Pneumonia at Home


It start out feeling like a bad cold, but when the symptoms get worse and you wake up with an productive cough that produces mucus with green colour,youknow it’s more than a cold. If these symptoms come with acute exherbation, on and off fever, breathlessness and chest pain, you’ve probably got pneumonia.        

Pneumonia is an infection of the alveoli, the tiny air sacs inside the lungs. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organism can be at fault: doctor’sdiagnosis by physical examination, lab test and a chest x-ray. Theseverity of the condition depends on which organism causes the infection, how much of the lungs is infected and whether there are additional health factors, such as long term lung disease, immune dysfunction or age.

Pneumonia is more serious than other lung infection, such as bronchitis. Some patient who have it need to be hospitalized.

Fungal infection in the lungs occur primarily in patients with compromised immune systems. Treatment usually involvesantifungal drug such as ketoconazole. For viral pneumonias, specific drug treatment are not available.

Treating pneumonia at home

During a bout of pneumonia, good nutrition, a healthy diet and general emotional support are basic needs of a patient. Get plenty of rest and if you live alone try to have a friend or family member stay with you to help you look cook, purchase or prepare your medicines, and to provide all around TLC.

Start the diet which is rich in green leafy vegetable s, fruit, whole grain, legumes, soups and juices. Stay away from sugar, which suppresses the immune system.

Warm baths or shower may make you feel better. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids: this help keep respiratory secretion thin and flush toxins out of your body.

Ifyou’re mild, you might be able to treat bacterial pneumonia with herbs. However, if you are not feeling better in a few days or if your symptoms worsen, you need to go for antibiotics drugs prescribed by doctors. On the other hand, if your reports suggest viral pneumonia, the herb are really helpful to you. 

  • Echinacea (Echinacea spp.)

This well-known immune boosting herb treats infection by bolstering the body’s infection fighting arsenal.  Just try to add this herb in daily regime. 

  • Goldenseal and oregano grape root

Both of these herbs have a wide range of antibacterial and antifungal property along with immune stimulating effect as well.

  • Garlic(allium sativum)

This is a versatile highly antimicrobial herb. To treat infections, eat several raw garlic cloves per day. Can’t eat quiet that much fresh garlic/ try thinly slicing or pressing the cloves through a garlic press, then marinate in acombination of equal parts of honey along lemon juice to cover. Store in the refrigerator for up to two days. Eat 1 to 2 teaspoon full there or four times per day. 

  • Mullein (verbascumthapsus)

This common wild plant tones the entire respiratory tract. It also fights inflammation, soothes and heal irritated tissue, and helps ease coughs. 

  • Elecampane (inulahelenium)

In addition to doing the lungs, easing cough and having mild effect, elecampane offer other advantages. Because its better it enhance appetite and digestion, so you’ll get more from the food you are able to eat.

Prepared : by Dr. Shivani Amola 

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