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Cardiac Surgery In India is enviable in both quality and price perspectives

Cardiac Surgery In India is enviable in both quality and price perspectives

Why You Should Go For A Cardiac Surgery In India?

India is a leader in cardiac surgery and the number of international patients visiting this country is increasing in every year.

What is cardiac surgery?

Generally Cardiac surgery is known as open heart surgery, it is an operation to repair heart problems. The surgery is done only to people who suffer heart diseases and conditions that did not heal even after doing some alterations in the way of life, medicines or food routines. However, the surgery is done only after analysing various factors like the age, general health and history of the disease of the patient.

Why to choose India?

The cost of open heart surgery in India is $8 – 10,000 whereas it goes up to $40,000 in USA and £25,000 in the UK. Apart from the low cardiac surgery in India, the care that you get here as a patient is something that money cannot buy. The success rates of cardiac surgery in the best cardiac hospitals in India are an average of 98.50%. This rate is in equivalence with the top cardiac health institutes of the world.

The main types of Cardiac Surgery in India are:

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG): It is usually done for a person with severe coronary artery disease (CAD). In this kind of surgery, surgeons attach an artery on vein taken from leg, chest or other parts of patient’s body with the blocked artery.

Valve Repair /Replacement: This kind of heart surgery is carried out to repair the closed leaflets.

Aneurysm Repair: An unusual swelling in the heart muscle or the artery walls is known as an aneurysm. In this surgery, the weak portion of the artery is substituted with a graft.

Heart Transplant: Generally, heart transplantation is performed on those patients whose heart s is weak to pump enough blood to the whole body.

Bypass surgery: Bypass surgery in India is done when there is block in the arteries that affect the flow of blood to the heart. Depending on the count of arteries that are blocked, one or more bypasses can be done.

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Some days in hospital with cardiac rehabilitation therapy is also essential for the recovery.

Angioplasty: It is performed to reduce the risk of heart attack and to execute physical activities well. Angioplasty in India can be completed in 30 minutes. For some, the surgery may long for a few hours. After this surgery, patients need to be hospitalized only for an overnight in usual cases.

What are the other positive points that make India the best place for medical tourism?

The best cardiology hospitals in India are providing cardiac surgeries at an affordable rate. Within a low price you can do these types of surgeries in India. Indian hospitals are equipped with all the modern facilities. Cardiac surgeons in India are highly qualified with lots of experience after working both in India and abroad.

Since Indian Hospitals have a wonderful paramedical team who are well versed in English, people from other countries will surely feel a homely atmosphere here without any barriers in communication

Cardiac Surgery India – Saving Indian Lives, One Heart at a Time

For a population of a billion, 42,000 Open-Heart Surgeries done in India in a year, is quite a remarkable figure. One of the major reasons for the deaths and high mortality rate in India is cardiovascular diseases. The past two decades have seen remarkable changes in Cardiac Surgery in IndiaIn the modern scenario, opening the heart and performing operations on its inner structures have proved to be flawed as such operations require large durations of time and the patient needs more blood supply during this time. This is why the technique of Bypass Surgery India was introduced. A heart-lung machine is used which takes over the heart and lung’s function and maintains the blood supply and circulation. These machines have really proved helpful in transplants, artery bypass surgeries, cardiac valve replacements, repairing septal defects and many others.

There are a few different approaches heart surgery and on its related valves. Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery deals with the surgical treatment of the diseases that are affected on the chest organs like heart and lungs. It has been recently found out that there are slight chances of incidence of neurological damage in the patient after cardiac surgeries being performed. Stroke occurs in 5% of all people undergoing cardiac surgery. Cardiothoracic surgery can also make use of robots so as to have precise measurement of the incisions made. Another common form of cardio surgery is Angioplasty in India. This technique is used to widen an obstructed blood vessel by the use of machines. In this technique, generally a balloon catheter is inserted into the desired locations and inflated so that it can be broadened. Such different types of cardiac surgeries have become the new life saviors in the past few years.

Cost factor

The Low Cost Cardiac Surgery in India is main reason why the horde of medical tourists come flocking to India. Luckily, India has been blessed with very many hospitals and medical centers. Indian hospitals place the comfort and the need of the bearer over any other, rather than on any other aspects. Being the best in the cardiological cares, hospitals in India are outstanding. The consultants in the hospital even provide the patient with all the help they require throughout the medical journey. Yes, so come join the hospital for all the health needs that you may have.

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