10 Reason Why you Need to Add Neem in your Daily Routine
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10 Reason Why you Need to Add Neem in your Daily Routine

10 Reason Why you Need to Add Neem in your Daily Routine

Among the benefits related to health, the leaves of the plant neem have a special significance during the days of Gudi Padwa, when it is eaten along with jaggery.

The bittersweet mixture of the combination of the two is a symbol of acceptance of sorrow and happiness. Mentioned below are some reasons that explain the various benefits of this medicinal plant.

Cleans Acne – Regular use of the neem water as a toner for skin can help in clearing the scars of acne, pigmentation, blackheads and acne. With approximately half liter of water, boil around twenty leaves of neem until the leaves loses their color and become tender. The water will also eventually turn green. Filter and store the liquid that is left in a bottle. You can use a piece of cotton to dip in the liquid and then wipe your face with it.

Lighten skin blemishes – Prepare a paste using neem powder, sandalwood powder, tulsi along with rose water and apply it on your face. Let the paste cool off and then you can rinse it off with cold water.

Treats on Dry Skin – Most of the people are unaware of the fact that neem possesses moisturizing properties. A mixture of neem powder with water along with a few drops of grape seed oil, if applied to the face can act as moisturizer.

Delays the ageing of skin – With properties like regeneration, neem can significantly help against the skin pathogens below the surface. Use neem after you have taken shower. Applying neem oil or neem powder in the face pack can decrease the effects that are cause by the growing age.

Cures conditions like dark circles – Neem can significantly decrease pigmentation and also functions as moisturizing agent. Mix water with neem powder so that a thick paste is formed and apply it around the pigmentation for example around the eyes. Let the paste dry off and wash after fifteen minutes.

Treats Dandruff – It is scientifically proved that neem has medical properties. Boil the leaves of neem in water till they are discolored and the water turns green. Use the water after washing hair with shampoo. If you have a condition of dandruff, you can apply the paste of neem powder and water on the scalp. Leave the paste on scalp for a while, approximately one hour and then rinse it off, followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Cures Asthma – As per various experts, the oil made using the leaves of neem is significantly beneficial in treating conditions like breathing problems related to asthma. Start by consuming small doze of neem oil on a regular basis and gradually increase the doze. It can also cure conditions like phlegm, cough or ever.

Heals Ulcer – As per various studies, the extracts of neem bark are known to cure ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Researchers suggest that consumption of the extract of the bark twice in a day regularly for around ten weeks can help in healing ulcers. The bark is also known to aid in fighting against diseases like malaria and other skin related conditions.

Keeps Diabetes in Check – The plant is known to have certain chemicals that aid in reducing the levels of sugar in the blood. Neem functions as insulin once it enters the body.

Treat Mouth and Tooth Problems – Conventionally before toothpastes were introduced, people chewed neem twigs. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties reflected by these twigs are known help in curing mouth and tooth related conditions.



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0 # Harshita 2017-02-04
Hii, can you plz tell me,What changes can occur in skin in syphilis patient, also suggest good obstertrician in Auraiya ?
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0 # Dr. Pooja 2017-02-05
Rashes can occur on the skin in the near areas,rashes can be discrete and also symmetrical in nature, Rashes can also be pustular, you can consult with Obstetrician in Auraiya.
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