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10 Tips for Beautiful Fingers & Toes

tips for beautiful fingers

Everyone is concerned about his/her looks in today’s glamorous world but sometimes, we ignore the very little things that we should pay more attention to. We spend lots of money for Cosmetic Surgery.  The most care-sensitive but small parts are our fingers and toes. Fingers and toes play very important part in defining one’s beauty and these are the most unavoidable parts of one’s body as they seek direct attention. In some places, there is a belief that “A girl’s beauty is admired by looking at her toes”. Since these are also parts of your body, you need to take care of them just like any other part. Below mentioned are some useful tips that can help you make your toes and fingers soft and attractive:

Nails are the most attention-seeking part of fingers and beautiful nails are also admired by everyone. So, keep your nails free from dirt by cleaning them properly.

Always keep the nails of both hands and feet properly trimmed and give them a shape through a nail finer.

There is an unbeatable formula to take care of nails. Take a toothbrush while bathing and rub it gently on the nails. Repeat this daily and you will see the difference within a week.

Before going to bed, always wash your hands and feet and apply baby oil even on nails. Regular use will make the hands and feet supple and soft.

Once in a month, go to a good parlor and take manicure and pedicure. This will give freshness to the hands and feet and you will also feel quite relaxed.

Pollution is the destroyer of beauty. Prevent yourself from pollution. Always cover your feet and hands before going out.

People having sensitive skin are prone to fungal infection between fingers. So, always apply talcum powder between the fingers before wearing socks for long hours and wash then with antiseptic soap at regular intervals. Also take care to use a neat and clean towel to dry the hands and feet.

You can also hold a manicure or pedicure session at home. Take lukewarm water in a bucket. Mix a little shampoo, hydrogen peroxide and a little salt. Soak your hands and feet in the water for some time and rub them with pumice stone. At the end apply a good quality moisturizer. This is a very good method to keep fingers and toes neat and clean. Repeat at every new moon.

If you are a nail polish lover, then be alert. Do not always apply nail polish on your nails as it will fade the color of nails and make them weak.

Drink plenty of water leading to at least 12 glasses a day because it will remove harmful toxicants from the body.

Last but not the least; a healthy diet is the key to healthy and beautiful skin. So, always take a nutritious diet that should be rich in proteins and vitamins.

These are some tips that can be helpful in making your fingers and toes beautiful. Beauty is not just looking attractive. It is also about feeling beautiful and healthy. A body free from diseases looks more attractive. Avoid any kind of fungal infection in your toes and fingers and in case of any, go to a doctor before taking any medicine on your own. This small brush up will make you feel younger and more beautiful. Besides, you can get some lone time to pamper yourself.

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