10 Tips for Someone Who is Trying Yoga for the First Time
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10 Tips for Someone Who is Trying Yoga for the First Time

10 Tips for Someone Who is Trying Yoga for the First Time

Reiterating the significance of Yoga is needless. As the first International Yoga Day here, the uproar of Yoga has gone louder and wider. If you have not been introduced to the wonders of Yoga it is about time now.

With the current modern lifestyle, we have no time and energy to look beyond the regular daily affairs and hence health, which is one of the most primary and essential aspect in anyone’s lifestyle is neglected and left behind. It is very important for us to prioritize. We should realize that now it is time for us to give priority to our health and the most appropriate and efficient way to do that is YOGA. For most people believe that yoga is a fitness regime, Yoga has more to it. It is a way of life which is strongly recommended of everyone.

At the beginning Yoga might appear intimidating and overwhelming, but with time you will experience the artistic beauty of the lifestyle, which is called Yoga. Few of  the most important tips for beginners is that they should approach Yoga with an open mind and be welcoming for the positive changes that will occur in mind and body. If you are interested in Yoga and willing to give it a start then mentioned below are some tips for you.

Do not give up and have patience- Every new thing will take time to reach a constant cycle.

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With practice you will eventually cross the 10-class milestone and then there is no looking back.

One step at a time- You have to slow down and be gentle on your body at the beginning as you might want to learn most of the asans in one go. You should start with easy and doable poses or asans at the beginning, Stretching exercises can also be very fruitful. It is important to concentrate on exercises which help in developing the core and infrastructure.

Significance of breathing- The most important and crucial aspect of yoga is breathing. When you are holding the postures or asans the most crucial thing to do is breathe. It is of utmost importance to synchronize your breath with your movements. Dirga Pranayam breath is a very basic exercise which will be useful in yoga.

Select a harmonious space- If you are practicing yoga at home it is very important to have a private space for yourself. The place of your choice should be big and ventilated enough so that you do not bump into anything while lying down or practicing stretching exercises or asans. Make sure there is no irritating noise in the background. Set the mood right for the place you have picked for practicing and you can also use dim lights and music to the same and motivate you for yoga on daily basis.

Set one particular time for your daily practices- If you can make it a habit to practice yoga daily at a fixed time you will be able to practice with much more efficiency and consistency without skipping any day.

Read and Research- It is important to know about various asans and poses. You can purchase and book, or a DVD and read and learn about it online, but make sure you gather enough information for you daily practices.

Take help from experts if necessary- Though it is not always possible to seek assistance from an expert but it is the best way for people who are getting into Yoga practices. Seek help from a qualified yoga teacher who can successfully guide you through the appropriate ways of doing Yoga.

Be comfortable with the outfit while practicing- Don’t wear skinny or tight clothes while practicing as it can hamper your flexibility. Always opt for loose and comfortable fitting. You can avoid dressing with jewelry or belts as it can obstruct your yoga practice. Yoga is practices with bare foot.

Make sure you are practicing on the floor- Bed and couches are not meant for yoga practices and should not be used for the same. Yoga is always practiced on the hard floor with a rug or rubber mattress for support.


Welcome Optimism- It is very important to restrict any kind of bad thoughts or vibes and have a very clear and optimistic view about things. Your mind should be busy with thoughts of peace and serenity while performing Yoga.


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