10 ways that will increase your daily water intake
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10 ways that will increase your daily water intake

10 ways that will increase your daily water intake

Most of us simply forget that drinking enough water throughout the day. Daily water intake is necessary to maintain a well-hydrated state. Some avoid drinking water to escape restroom visits and some are just lazy to get up and pour a glass of water for themselves.

Below mentioned are few tips that help you to increase the water intake to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Mix it up if you do not like drinking plain water, you can always spice it up by squeezing some lemon into it. Lemon water is not only refreshing, but it also helps prevent dehydration or adrenal fatigue. Lemons also contain the fibre, pectin, which can beat hunger pangs.

Eat Water Enriched Foods:

Besides providing you with the essential nutrients, your fruits and vegetables can offer you a high percentage of water. Foods like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes can actually provide you with 20 percent of your recommended daily water intake.

Use Water Intake Calculator:

You can make use mobile phone applications like Water Your Body and Water-logged to actually keep a track of the amount of water you are drinking in a day. All you have to do is set the number of glasses of water you want to drink each day, and the app will send you reminders to drink water during the day.

Set the Timer:

Depending on how much water you need to intake, set a timer or simply write a note to remind yourself of drinking water. If you are using sticky notes, then stick them to places you spend most of your time. This practice will help you drink enough water every day.

Motivate Yourself:

Self-motivation can play a major role when it comes to meeting the targets. Measuring the amount of water you are drinking and pushing yourself for the sake of good health to drink more water every day can be an effective way to consume plenty of water.

Make it a ritual:

Another way to make sure that you are drinking enough water is to schedule it. For example, you can drink two glasses of water when you get up in the morning, one glass of water after your meals, one glass of water after you visit the restroom and one before you are going to sleep. This practice will ensure that you are getting sufficient water throughout the day.

Take a Water Break

If your job involves sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen whole day, then you are likely to miss out on drinking water. So make sure that you get up and take a water break with your office buddy and relax for some time.

Use Attractive Water Bottles

Use bright and fancy water bottles for drinking water as you will be more likely to reach out for that water bottle if it is attractive. You can also add the straw, use ice cubes or add a pretty fruit like strawberry to your glass of water to make the water look appealing. Carry a refillable water bottle

If you are planning a day out or are going to sit all day long at your desk, make sure that you carry a refillable water bottle along with you. When thirst strikes, it will be convenient for a lazy person to pick it up and drink from it.

Binge on Soups and Juices:

 Adding soups and juices to your diet can also help you increase the daily water intake. Consumption of clear or broth based soups will not only rehydrate your system but also help you maintain a low-calorie count.

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