5 Ways to Give Up Smoking for Good
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5 Ways to Give Up Smoking for Good

5 Ways to Give Up Smoking for Good

You are about to be armed with suggestions on how to say goodbye to ciggies.

Along with the expensive wine on the weekend, or a break from work for lunch with colleagues, there are numerous opportunities in day when you can light your cigarette. As per a recent study, it was observed that around seventy percent of all the smokers want to quit but fail repeatedly as they aren’t of the methods to do the same. Many of the smokers try to quit for few days, but they give up the struggle within a week.

So if you are also one of the candidates who has been struggling to give it up but have repeatedly failed, here are few suggestions on how it do it –

1. Select a date and stick to it – As per the statistics the probability of your success increases when you have a fixed date in mind, some may take it as a deadline. You can simply pick up a date as per you and let other people around you like your family and friends know about your decision. This will also stop you from backing out at the last minute, which is also the case with many of them. Various studies have also shown that quitting at times can be contagious and people tend to find company and usually end up doing it in groups, so this might be oh help to others too.

2. Know what triggers it – The habit of smoking eventually boils down to subjects like psychology where you pin point the weak spots which repeatedly increases the urge to smoke. Another thing that helps is to keep a check on the list of various things, places, people or anything that triggers the urge to smoke so that you can address it in an organized manner. People who tend to smoke when idle should try reading or involving themselves in some activity to keep their mind off it initially. People who tend to smoke while driving or walking to work should try listening to music or audio books or lectures. This will occupy the mind and you might not think hence, no craving for the cigarettes.

3. Avoid coffee as well as booze –Smoker usually tend to light a cigarette when they are consuming alcohol or a cup of coffee. If you also have a similar smoking habit, it is more likely to feel the urge to smoke while drinking or having coffee once you have decided to quit. But this pairing is temporary and extinguishes once you get used to consuming alcohol or coffee without lighting a cigarette.

As per a research, the habit of smoking while having alcohol or coffee can raise the risk of developing mouth cancer by approximately thirty eight times. This fact should act as a thought that sobers you up, every time you think of going for the combo.

4. Concentrate on the reason – Health is the major concern among smoker, against which they tend to quit. In order to successfully achieve the goal you have to be aware about the advantages and benefits not smoking.  For example if you have future plans which involves having a baby, know that smoking might obstruct this process, which will in turn help you to quit.


5. Start Moving – Major of the population feels guilty about not being active enough. From passing up the gym for a night in or driving to the nearby shop instead of walking, we all have our lazy moments. But it is still important to be aware of the fact that besides helping our body, exercise helps us in keeping those urges at bay. It has been repeatedly proved that exercises or activities that increases your heart rate, consecutively reduces the urge to smoke. Smoking is often associated with sedentary behavior; hence exercising can be used as distraction, especially for people who are inclined on getting fit too.

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