A refreshing cup of coffee can give you more than you pay for it
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A refreshing cup of coffee can give you more than you pay for it

A refreshing cup of coffee can give you more than you pay for it

Reasons to start your with a refreshing cup of coffee


Normally we are advised to avoid coffee. Most health journals, blogs and articles speak aloud of the negative impacts on having coffee every day. Today I would like to discuss the positive effects on drinking coffee in moderation. Coffee is not out and out unhealthy. It has fairly good reasons to find a place in your regular diet. Coffee is rich in antioxidant and one who regularly drinks a cuppa can easily avoid some serious health issues. Here I have outlined the top 8 reasons why one should not give up his/her coffee drinking habit:

· Coffee energizes you instantly! Caffeine, the chief stimulant present in coffee easily gets into the blood and transmitted to the brain once you have it. In brain caffeine obstructs the formation of Adenosine, a neurotransmitter. Once it’s blocked, our body experiences an increase of dopamine hormone which in return ignites neurons.

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Two cups of coffee intake can keep an individual in shape by burning those extra kilos and energetic as well.

· Brewed coffee is rich in fiber. Next time you have it, relish your cuppa to the T!

· Coffee intake can be beneficial for your liver eradicating cirrhosis. Caffeine is healthy for your liver. Drinking two cups of coffee helps in decreasing liver enzymes keeping the organ well functioned.

· It has been found that people who are into regular coffee drinking are far safer from having Alzheimer’s than the non drinkers. Caffeine prevents loss of memory which is quiet rampant with aged people. Not only caffeine, coffee is stashed with manganese, potassium, pantothenic acid niacin as well.

· Research has also come up with clues that show that coffee has lessened the chances of heart diseases to a considerable amount. An individual can easily have 2 to 3 cups of black coffee and avert various cardiovascular risks with élan.

· A standard coffee drinker has lesser ruptures in their DNA strands. Studies found that a person who is into coffee drinking have well-built DNA than someone who doesn’t.

· Coffee can even keep Parkinson’s disease at bay. Deficiency of dopamine is an important aspect of Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine increases dopamine and hence a regular drinker can easily keep this deadly disease aside.


Coffee is a lovely drink to cherish! As discussed, it has innumerable health benefits as well. On certain conditions like pregnancy or severe heart conditions, caffeine intake should be minimized or avoid completely. If someone is caffeine sensitive, don’t take it. The best way to enjoy all the goodness of this stimulant is to have it without milk. Black coffee is great to have, for body as well as mind! Have your cuppa with moderation. Then only you can enjoy the benefits of this wonder drink! Enjoy your steaming morning cuppa with a smile!!


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