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Are You Recovering From Jaundice?

There is an increasing trend in food contamination in India and particularly during summer when the temperature boost up and large amount of micro-organisms in air and water, foods get infected very swiftly. Many a times, people consume those contaminated foods without any knowledge and for those, who are lucky enough; the effect is just a stomach upset. But, for those who are not lucky enough to escape, jaundice is the gift of taking such contaminated foods.

When does it affect?

Even though, this common ailment of the liver can happen at any time of the year, it is more common during hot summer season. The good news is that the recovery can happen faster, if a patient can follow healthy lifestyle changes and strict diet. Generally, this issue to the liver is caused due to the buildup of the bilirubin level in the blood. As the liver loses its ability to clear the buildup, it gets affected. So, this issue can be corrected by helping the system in clearing up the toxins and by helping the liver in regenerating itself at a faster pace. This can be done in the following ways:

Healthy changes to the diet:

This is the first and the most crucial step to be taken in the path for recovering from this health issue. Generally, the liver has the ability to regenerate itself quickly and to make this happen, it is important that the patient should stop taking the foods that can putrefy in the colon. It is recommended that patients should rely on foods that can be digested easily like fruits like papaya, vegetables like radish and spinach can be included in the diet. However, for the first week of getting diagnosed with jaundice, it is advised that the patient should be in juice diet, which should be fresh and made from vegetables and fruits. Consumption of boiled foods can be the ideal choice as against cooked ones. As against tea or coffee, the patient can take coconut juice in larger quantity for increasing urine output, so that toxins can be let out from the body easily.

Lot of fluids:

During the time of this health issue, patients should take more clear water that will help the liver to replenish itself. Like coconut juice, water can also act as a diluting agent in clearing out toxins. It will also ensure that the other impurities build up can be controlled. But, at this stage, the body will be in vulnerable phase and so it is recommended that the patients should take boiled water, so that no other form of bacteria or virus enters the body through water.

Medicines when needed:

When diagnosed early, this condition can be corrected with diet changes and with the help of some home remedies. But, when it is diagnosed late, it is important to take medications and diet as per doctor’s recommendation. Even though, the bilirubin levels will go down within few weeks, patients should continue the prescribed medications and should keep up the lifestyle changes until the doctor recommends doing so.

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