Are you serious about your eye health? Here are some quick tips
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Are you serious about your eye health? Here are some quick tips

Few quick and easy tips to improve eye health


Considering today’s erratic, critical and demanding working pattern, our eye sight needs special attention! Starting right from elementary to professional level, our vision is used or rather engaged in various critical works. Our eye sight is exploited in numerous ways. At present we all remain too engrossed with our occupation and this often leads to neglect or give lesser importance to regular eye checkups which should be otherwise mandatory for a healthy life. Take a look at the key tips that can keep your eye sight in good health thereby safeguarding vision are discussed below:

· Give a detailed eye history of your family to your optometrist. Early notification of your risk factors like hypertension or diabetes enables the doctor to adopt the right way of examination. Do inform the doctor about your passion and hobbies and interests as well. This allows the physician to provide you with the right tips in maintaining eye health with improved vision.

· Most people value vision but overlook periodical visits to an eye specialist which should be a compulsory. Before you finalize your eye checkup, tell your doctor to go for a dilated eye check-up. Dilated eye checkup provides a detailed analysis of your eyes with a quicker identification of damages, if any. Why only wait for a problem to visit a doctor? Regular eye checkup identifies alterations in eye health, even of slightest measurements.

· Vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acid and lutein present in egg yolk, plant leaves are too good for healthy eye sight. As well all know carrots are good for vision. So keep that in mind as well. Antioxidants are essential for maintaining eye vision. Also make sure to incorporate nuts in to your diet regime. Soybeans, all the types of berries, loads of citrus fruits, green and black tea, broccoli and avocadoes are essential for maintaining good eye sight.

· Also try to keep away from dry air which is the reason for eye dryness and different types of eye irritations. It’s normally present in offices and similar surroundings. Regular eye drops recommended by physician can keep your eyes healthy and protected. Activities like swimming and different types of adventure sports like bicycling, paragliding, surfing and lots more require additional safety measures for your eyes. When exposed to sun light, make sure you wear your glares to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays.

· Quite smoking to have health eyes. It causes cataracts, muscular decline and ultimately damaging optic nerves.

· Try to move your vision from computers and similar glaring screens every 20 minutes to some 20 feet distance away from that device. These days computers are integral to your life and work. This 20-20-20 rule will soothe your vision as constant eye involvement in these devices can cause headaches, eye irritation, eye strains, swelling and similar symptoms.

· Regular exercises are equally beneficial for maintaining a good eye health. Do not underestimate the goodness and holistic effect of exercise.

· One should take extra precaution while wearing and removing contact lenses. Disinfect your hands properly before you touch your eyes.

To conclude, try to maintain a healthy routine to boost overall fitness and suppleness of your body. Also try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. It’s equally important to maintain good health. Do follow the above-mentioned guidelines and make a difference to your life. Which essential point you think I’ve missed in my post? Do let me know in comments!




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