Argan Oil For Skin Tan

Argan Oil For Skin Tan

Tanning of skin means, darkening of skin because of exposure to the sun. Generally, most of us see that the parts of body that are exposed to the sun are darker as against those that are covered. If you are looking for ways to get out of this tanning, the best thing you can do is to use argan oil. This oil, which is otherwise called as liquid gold can bring a wide range of skin care benefits that too without causing any side-effects. Not just for skin and nails, this oil can be used for hair as well for a lustrous look. The reason for these benefits is the fatty acids and vitamin E rich content of this oil. It has the capacity to restore and replenish the skin and can make it softer.

Active substance:

When analyzing the active substances present in this oil, researchers have found that triterpenoids are the active substances present in this oil. This substance has the capacity to heal tissues and scars and it can provide the best protection to the skin from the ultra-violet rays and can disinfect the skin as well.

The oil is also known to have 80% of unsaturated fat content, thereby making the skin resistant to oxidation. Generally, unsaturated fats are known to have healing properties.

Another content called sterolin in this oil can bring down the inflammation in skin, which in turn will help in retaining the oil content, which will particularly help people with dry skin issue.

Moisturizing property:

Due to its ability in curing tanning, this oil is used as an important ingredient in many beauty care products. Its deep penetration capacity gives the oil, the ability to enter into the skin. Furthermore, the Vitamin E content will also help in keeping the skin moisturized. Maintaining moisture level is highly important for ensuring that wrinkles and aging effects do not occur early. This is why men and women looking for anti-aging solution that is natural can switch to argan and can achieve a natural glow to the latest organ in the human body.

Generally, people are hesitant about using oil in their skin. The reason is the sticky nature that will make them feel embarrassed. But, this worry need not be available when it comes to argan as it is non-sticky in nature. Even, if the users feel it to be sticky, it will get absorbed immediately after applying, thereby giving a fresh look.

Not just for tanning purpose, this oil can be used for other purposes as well like:

• Night time moisturizing

• Skin toner

• Exfoliating

• Acne treatment

• Cure to stretch marks

• Razor burn and bumps

• Leave-in conditioner and styling hair

• Lip conditioning

• Healthy nails

• For curing dry feet and heels

This is a wonderful gift of nature and nowadays, this oil is gaining slow popularity among people over the internet. Even some internet stores sell this stuff for helping people to achieve a healthy skin.

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