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Best And Worst Nuts For Your Health

nuts for health

In general, nuts are considered to be the nature’s way of showing people that good things can come in small packages too. These eatables are stated as nutritional powerhouses and they are packed with heart-healthy, minerals, vitamins, protein and fats. Nuts are generally rich in calories and fat content and a handful of any nut can keep you hunger-free until dinner. A few more handful can spoil your appetite altogether. Even though, it is true that these little wonders are healthy choices, they will quickly become detrimental to any diet when combined with salty and sugary mixes or toppings.

Best nuts for your diet:

When it comes to calories per ounce, all nuts are generally more or less equal. They can turn out to be a healthy addition to your diet. They can provide you the best appetite suppressing benefits as they are the mix of fiber, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Here are some details about the different nuts and the number you can get per ounce along with their protein and fat details:

• Almonds are considered the lowest-calorie nuts as they have just 160 calories per ounce. When you take an ounce of almonds, there will be 23 numbers with 14 grams and fat and 6 grams of protein content.

• When it comes to cashews, there will be 16-18 nuts per ounce and the fat content in this capacity is 13 grams and protein content is 5 grams.


It is recommended that people should avoid nuts roasted in oil, rather they can eat them raw or dry roasted can be helpful. This is because roasted nuts may have unhealthy fats and when they are heated to higher temperature, the nutrients will be destroyed.

Worst nuts for your diet:

Even though, nuts are generally healthier and rich in nutrients, some of them can increase the fat content in your body and here are the details about the nuts that may cause harm to your health:

• When it comes to Macadamia nuts, you will get 10-12 nuts per ounce and this number will have 21 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein content.

• Pecans will have 18-20 halves in an ounce and this quantity contains 3 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat. These are the nuts with huge fat content, calorie content and very lesser protein content and so they are not good for health, particularly for people, who wish to lose weight.

These nuts can also be healthier for some people and even for overweight people, until they follow proper portion controlled diet and appropriate exercises.

Nuts healthier for different parts:

• Walnuts are healthier for heart

• When it comes to healthy functioning of brain, peanuts can be the ideal choice

• It is suggested that men can include more of Brazil nuts and pecans for ensuring their health

• For those, who are interested in preventing diseases, almonds can be the ideal nuts to be included in the diet on a regular basis.

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