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Can You Eat According To Your Blood Type?

The concept of food consumption according to blood type has long been a debate. There are people, who follow the practice of eating the foods as per the blood group. However, there are also people, who consider this concept just as a myth. Regardless of the debates, it is gaining momentum and getting recognized as a healthy food habit. Here are certain facts about blood type according to blood group:

How does it actually work?

Theory states that every person responds differently to varied eatables, which are closely stated to the blood type of a person. Here are the four types of blood:

Type A Blood:

Around 20,000 years ago, when the agriculture was still alive, this type of blood undergone a lifetime change. This means that people falling under this blood group should focus on making their diet filled with vegan foods. These people are generally called as ‘the agrarians’.

Type O Blood:

This is one among the oldest blood groups that dates back to around 30,000 years. So, people falling under this group should opt for foods rich in protein. People falling under this blood group are called as ‘the hunters’.

Type B blood:

‘The nomads’ is the name given to the people falling under this blood group. The reason is that they possess the feature of adapting themselves quite to dairy products. Furthermore, people falling under this blood group are known to boast the most adaptable digestive system as compared to those falling under other blood groups.

Type AB Blood:

Even though, this is considered the recent addition to the blood groups, their eatables differ between type B and Type A blood. As this age group is less than 1000 years old, those falling under this group are called as ‘the engimas’.

Recommended diet for each type of Blood Group:

Type A Blood:

What to eat? Figs, avocados, berries, nectarines and apples. Soy and nuts can be consumed for protein content.

What not to eat? It is better to avoid all types of meat and particularly this type should be avoided with kidney beans and dairy products.

Type O Blood:

What to eat? Different types of proteins like poultry, seafood and red meat is suggested. When it comes to vegetables, kale, spinach, kelp and broccoli are ideal.

What not to eat? It is better to avoid grains, wheat, dairy products, eggs and legumes like peanuts, lentils and beans.

Type B Blood:

What to eat? Fish, turkey, red meat, fruits, certain grains and green vegetables

What not to eat? It is better to avoid corn, chicken, lentils, seeds and peanuts.

Type AB Blood:

What to eat? The better options include watermelon, legumes, bananas, figs, vegetables, beans and seafoods like tofu.

What not to eat? It is better not to consume high quantity of alcohol and caffeine. In addition, buckwheat, corn and red meat should be avoided.

So, when you can eat according to your blood group, it is better to stay focused on these foods to stay healthier.

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