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Career Prospects of Medical Science

Career Prospects of Medical Science

There are various specializations in field of medical science

Apart from the general physician who treats the everyday ailments of the human body, other specializations in medicine and surgery are:

Related to physical body: Doctors who want to cure the physical ailments of the body have various options. They can choose from being a Cardiologist (who treats heart disease), Paediatrician (doctor for babies and children), Ophthalmologist (doctor for eyes), Neurologist (who specializes in brain and nervous system), Gynaecologist(who takes care of female diseases), Dermatologist (doctor for skin problems), Gastroenterology (specialist in digestive system), Dentist (specialist in oral health), etc.

Related to over-all health: Opportunities are many for those who want to make a career in the treatment of human behaviour and ailments that are beyond the physical health of a person. Psychiatry is one such branch which has two branches (psychotherapy and psychiatry) within it.


Deals with the ailments by using non drug or psychological techniques without the use of any drugs or surgeries. A psychiatrist uses the help of medicines and other physical techniques to cure mental ailments. Nutritionist or a dietician is another field which helps patients to understand what food is best for them. Through a balanced and proper diet, they advise how to fight diseases and avoid any further complications.

Ancillary options: There are many other fields in medicine, which have a lot of opportunities to explore. Some of them are being an anaesthetist (a specialist who undertakes the responsibility of administering the right amount of anesthesia to the patient depending on the kind of operation), a pathologist (one who conducts chemical, microscopic and bacteriological test in labs and examining blood, tissues, urine etc. to find out the cause for disease), a radiologist (a specialist in studying X-rays and treating through therapeutic radiations), etc.

Emerging careers: With the number of high net worth individuals rising and medical facilities becoming more planned, new avenues are fast opening up in this sector. Some of the new careers that are making their way in the Indian medical scenario are that of medical transcription (where the transcriptionist needs to accurately and swiftly transcribe all medical communication done by the doctors over the period of time), medical billers (who have thorough knowledge of medical terminology and are n high demand in insurance companies and big MNC’s), etc.

Alternate therapies: Several alternative therapies are also becoming popular. They not only aim at providing physical relief but also ensure complete wellness. The gamut of alternate therapies ranges from Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yunani, etc. Though these are the traditional methods of curing ailments, they are fast making their hold in the present populace too as they are free of side effects and calm the mind along with the body.


The medical profession is one such career option where jobs are available on all levels and are only rising in number. Thorough training along with constant learning and a will to serve the society can take a professional in this field to new heights.

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# Tushar 2017-04-23
Hello, plz let me know What is menarche, I want to consult with gynec in Jhunjhunun, plz suggest ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-04-24
the process of starting of the menstrual cycle in females is called menarche, plz find good Gynecologist in Jhunjhunun.
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# Aarav 2017-03-04
Hii, I am from Tuensang, can you plz tell me What is the mode of infection in syphilis ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-05
90 percent cases in syphilis are transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts, Mothers can also pass infection through breast milk, you can also consult with good Gynecologist in Tuensang .
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