Day to Day tips for staying Healthy and Fit

Day to Day tips for staying Healthy and Fit

Day to Day tips for staying Healthy and Fit

Tips for stay Healthy and Fit:-

• Don’t eat up to your full stomach like if you want to feel like having four chapatis stop at three only.

• Quit drinking water between the meals and as well as don’t drink just after the meal have water after  minutes of meal and also avoid chilled water

• 2 Hours of gap has to be there between the dinner and sleeping.

• Should take more amount of boiled green vegetable, Fruits, soups, juices instead of Fried and spicy foods.

• Eat your every meal by sitting in a comfortable position.

• Eat that food needs by the body not just on the basis of taste you like.

• Foods having high fiber should be consumed.

• Daily you should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

• Your stomach should be cleaned properly so that you will not suffer from constipation.

• Never talk or watch Tv while having food and also eat slowly.

• The food which you are in-taking should be properly chewed so that it’s all nutrients will be used by body.

• Never skipped the meals and also take care the gap between the meals should be not more than 3 hours.

• Milk, Yogurt, Soybean and leafy vegetables should be taken more to strengthen the bones.

• Daily make a habit of having Apple, Pears, Peas, Oats, Amla and strawberries.

• Do Physical Exercise on the daily basis.

• Quit Smoking, Tabbaco this are really very harmful for health and also don’t take too much of tension.

• While sitting and walking you should always take care of your postures like sitting straight and walk taking your belly in and walk tall.




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# Harikiran 2017-02-02
Hii, can you plz tell me,What changes can occur in skin in syphilis patient, also suggest good obstertrician in Bargarh ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-02-03
Rashes can occur on the skin in the near areas,rashes can be discrete and also symmetrical in nature, Rashes can also be pustular, you can consult with Obstetrician in Bargarh.
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