Dengue Fever - A Debilitating Mosquito Borne Disease
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Dengue Fever - A Debilitating Mosquito Borne Disease

Dengue Fever - A Debilitating Mosquito Borne Disease

Dengue fever is a distressing disease that is spreaded by mosquitoes and this disease is caused by any one of the 4 closely related viruses. These organisms are connected to those organisms that cause the yellow fever and the West Nile Infection.

A report states that every year an estimated 100 million people are affected by the dengue virus from around the world. This fever gets transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito that is infected with a dengue virus. Generally, these mosquitoes get infected when they bite patients with this virus in their body and it cannot spread directly from one person to another.

Dengue fever symptoms:

Symptoms generally start after four to six days from the day a person gets infected and they will continue for up to 10 days and here are the details:

• Sudden and high fever

• Mild bleeding in nose and gums

• Skin rash, which generally occur 3 or 4 days after the fever begins

• Heavy joint and muscle pain

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• Pain behind the eyes

• Acute headaches

When these symptoms are not treated by mistaking them as viral infection, there are chances of serious problems like dengue hemorrhagic fever, liver swelling, heavy bleeding from nose and gums, damage to blood vessel and lymph and even it can cause circulatory system failure as well. Even the symptoms can lead to shock and death, which is medically called as Dengue Shock Syndrome.

Who are at risk?

Generally, people with weak immune system and those with a subsequent or second dengue infection are at greater risk.

How is this fever diagnosed?

Generally, doctors will suggest a blood test for identifying the dengue infection.


There are no specific medicines available for treating this infection. Patients are generally given painkillers with acetaminophen. They will be recommended to avoid medicines with aspirin as they can make the bleeding worse. Patients are also recommended to take complete rest and should take plenty of fluids. If the patient’s condition becomes worse, in the first 24 hours after the outbreak of fever, it is recommended to take him/her to the hospital to avoid complications.

Preventive measures:

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for prevention of dengue. So, to protect yourself, you should keep away from mosquitoes. Take steps to keep the mosquito population in your house and if you are traveling to tropical areas, you should be careful to protect yourself against getting bitten by mosquitoes.

How to protect yourself?

• When you are indoors, it is better to use an air conditioner if available.

• When you are outdoors, it is better to completely cover your body with full sleeve dresses and pants. It is better to cover even your foot with boots and socks.

• It is better to make sure that your doors and windows are clear of any openings that let mosquitoes inside. You can use mosquito nets, if you’re sleeping areas that are not air conditioned or scented.

• It is better to avoid visiting heavily populated residential areas if possible and

• Never forget to use mosquito repellents indoors.

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