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Excellent Remedy For Heart Diseases

Excellent Remedy For Heart Diseases

When analysing the reason behind the increasing number of deaths due to heart diseases these days, it is found that the unhealthy and stress lifestyle followed by people are the important contributors. Not just these two reasons, hereditary reasons are also stated for the same. This is why it is recommended that those with heart diseases in the family health history should follow a healthy diet that can be friendly to the heart. When some remedies are taken right from the young age, the problems can be easily prevented. This is where honey gets into the picture. Let us find how this nature’s gift can prevent cardiovascular diseases:

Rich in phenolic compounds:

Being rich in these compounds that can act as natural antioxidants, can bring down the age-related effects in people. Some of the phenolic compounds present in honey are quercetin, acacetin, kaempferol and galangin. These compounds can perform three important functions and they are improving coronary vasodilatation, bringing down the capability or platelets from clotting and they can also prevent low-density lipoproteins in the body.

How to use?

People with the family history of cardiovascular issues can regularly take honey in the place of sugar in coffee, tea and other beverages. It can improve blood circulation, thereby preventing blood clots in arteries and veins. Even, this gift of nature can prevent bad cholesterol formation in blood as well.

Can it be used for curing?

Apart from using honey for preventive activities, can also be used for curing heart issues as well. Patients with heart issues can regularly include honey in their diet. The great news to them is that some propolis compounds found in honey are used in the preparation of medicines for heart problems due to their friendliness to heart. This compound has the ability to cure the injuries caused to heart muscles and these injuries can be further prevented with the regular use of honey.

Due to its heart-healthy properties, propolis is also available in powered form separately in the market in nature stores. This powder can be added to drinks or it can also be prepared as tea for people, who want to prevent and cure heart related diseases.

Reasons why honey can fight heart problems:

• It can improve the antioxidant level in blood, thereby preventing narrowing of arteries.

• It has a wide range of antioxidants like those present in strawberries, apples, oranges and bananas

• A form of honey called as dark honey is rich in antioxidants as compared to other forms.

• The flavonoids present in honey when regularly taken can prevent heart issues.


It is recommended that moms, who wish to ensure the health of their small kids and the entire family can give honey to the family members in one form or another. Not just heart health, it can bring many other health benefits as well, due to its natural healing properties. Just a spoon of pure honey each day can bring a whole lot of health benefits.

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