Few Life Style Changes for a Very Sharp Memory
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Few Life Style Changes for a Very Sharp Memory

Few Life Style Changes for a Very Sharp Memory

1. Go to sleep an hour before – Sleep deprivation of any kind, even if it means losing an hour of sleep can affect memory. This happens as we sleep, a section of our brain, which is called hippocampus, drives away memories from the day and as we lose even minutes of sleep, the above mentioned process has the potential to make you even more forgetful. A new comprehensive study by the United States has found that sleeping for at least eight hours during the night, especially in middle aged people can help in avoiding disease like Alzheimer in later life.

2. Righty, use your left hand and similarly, lefty, use your right hand – As per the experts from the Harvard University, mixing up activities of our daily routine can keep help in keeping our brain in good shape. These activities need not to be very complex. You can make changes in normal activities like – brushing your teeth with the other hand in morning, using new or different routes when you travel to nearby places or swapping your knives and forks. These changes require your brain to function differently as it has been too used to the normal day activities. The cells within the brain are forced to adapt to those changes and communicate with each other.

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This will provide the brain with the necessary work out and hence will prevent them from dying off prematurely during night.

3. Close your Eyes – Various scientists from the University of Surrey found out that if you repeatedly fail to remember your belongings after keeping them safely, closing your eyes for a while can help you recall the data that is lost temporarily. It was also found that people who closed their eyes for a short period of time during the test tend to answer more than seventy percent of the questions correctly, while people who did not close their eyes gave correct answers to only forty percent of the total questions. As per Dr. Robert Hash who is a lead researcher, once you close your eyes, there are very less distractions for your brain and hence the power of the brain is free for use. He further explained that “It might also help people visualize the details of the event they are trying to remember."

4. Keep a check on your blood pressure – Over the time constant high BP tends to narrow the arteries, which in turn reduces the flow of blood to brain and episodes of forgetfulness can also be triggered. As per the study by University of Alabama in America, people who generally have high blood pressure were seen to have more problems related to memory, and similarly higher the BP, it is more likely that the problem will get worse.  People who are aged above forty or have a condition of heart in the family itself should consult your general physician to get it checked.

5. Say no to seconds – As per the study by Toulouse University, which is located in France, gaining more weight can affect the memory adversely.  The more you have body fat, the more chances are, that rate of recalling capability decreasesAs per the studies, the working memory tends to decrease by around ten percent each decade after twenty five years of age. But the above mentioned exercises will help brain train in such a way that it performs better.

8. Learn the linking method – The methodology of linking is has always worked amazingly for the eight times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien. The process of using this method involves linking the list of objects or items you need to remember. For example try memorizing the mentioned words – grapes, torch sherry and a ring. Now try to imagine a torch shining on grape and inside one of those grapes in a sparkling diamond ring. The ring falls into sherry as you try to squeeze the grape.

9. Eat chicken and floss – Extremely rich in the nutrient choline food items like eggs, fish, chicken and beans, can be very helpful for the shape of the brain. Various researchers from Tufts University observed that, people who took diet, which is rich in the nutrient choline, performed better than people whose diet didn’t contain the nutrient choline. People with choline in their diet chart are less likely to display changes in the brain which can be associated with conditions like Dementia. Another important thing to be kept in mind is that always floss after eating a chicken as gums, which are poor in health can affect you brain cells. As per various studies it was also observed that people, who have unhealthy gums, score less in memory based tests. The reason provided by the researchers that explains the relation of poor gum health with memory loss is that gums that are infected tend to release inflammatory by products in to the blood that also flows to our brain and parts of brain, that are responsible for the memory.

10. Ditch Diets – As per the study by Tufts University, Near Boston in the US, diets that reduce carbohydrates, which are extremely popular these days can affect your brain and leave you head fuzzy and forgetful. The major reason for this is that the brain function on carbohydrates and as our diet chart deprives the brain of the necessary carbohydrates it starts to dysfunction. Low levels of Vitamin B present in the wholegrain carbs can also be accounted for the loss in memory. Do not skip the diet of protein either, as various researches over the period of time have proved that lean meat, dairy and fish are essential for good and enhanced span of attention.


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